Melanin Wolves From The Ivory Coast Are Really Intense

nothing is better than melanin.


it can be so radiant,
all you want to do is put it in your mouth.
everyone meet levieux cisse.
he is the perfect example of “exotic”.
you thought that was only light skinned-ed?
nah bruh.

he is a melanin-ated model wolf from the ivory coast,
but resides in detroit.
a foxholer sent me these pictures and well…

lowkey: i love when darker skintones wear red.
it really makes their skin tones pop.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Melanin Wolves From The Ivory Coast Are Really Intense

  1. Bless you Jamari. You have stumbled upon a dark treasure of royal ties. I am humbled and appreciative of the Melanin that clothes his and mine. I agree with everyone. THIS is a king and peep how his skin messes with the red and Hell, everythang else. The True flaming passion of a regal King. Truly a sight for sore eyes. Outstanding post!!!

  2. He’s ok but if y’all go this crazy over him you wouldn’t be able to handle the Naija boys in Houston lol

    People tell me the Ivory Coast is a great place to visit in general though.

    1. Yeah he’s alright, nice looking man, I’ve seen better, but we just melanin deprived! We need to see more variety!

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