When Singers Do What They’re Supposed To Do

i love when folks have are productive with our their social media time.
i love singing and those who know how to do it.
a foxholer sent me a few of our favs singing acapella.
i wanted to share the #singoff challenge

1.Keri Hilson 0:00
2. Trevor Jackson 0:15
3. Brandy 0:33 
4. Tamera Mowry 1:24
5. Letoya Luckett 2:22
6.McClain Sisters 3:02
7. Xscape 3:42
8. Brandy 4:05
9.Keke Wyatt 4:15
10. Kierra Sheard 4:46
11. Chris Brown 5:01
12. Tamar Braxton 6:00
13. Keke Palmer 7:00
14. Jazmin Sullivan 8:00

most of them sounded really good.
i see why they have record deals.

lowkey: i didn’t know tamera mowry could sing.
chris brown still has a good voice.
trevor jackson made me go look up if he is legal yet.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “When Singers Do What They’re Supposed To Do”

  1. I’m guessing y’all don’t remember when Twins use to sang on sister sister all the time they even did their theme song the second one. The McClain sister where my favorite and Ms. Wyatt.

  2. That was refreshing to see all of those artists doing it acapella.
    Chris was being a bit extra…but he did his thing. LOL
    I would’ve loved to see how DC would’ve turned out if LeToya & Latavia stayed in the group.
    Would they have pushed to sing some leads or would it have remained Beyonce & Kelly?

    1. To be honest @Christian,I don’t think DC would be as big if it wasn’t for the lineup change. That drama helped them sell and get popular. I also don’t think Letoya and Latavia would’ve got leads either. It’s the reason I feel a DC reunion with all of them is pointless,especially with the level of success Beyonce is at right now.

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