XSCAPE Without Kandi Sounds…

don’t get too attached to kandi in these promo pictures.
so i’ve been lowkey excited about xscape making a comeback.
there have been a couple snags,
especially with kandi not being on the new tracks,
but i just heard a snippet of a new song of theirs tonight.
sans kandi.
it’s produced by tricky stewart and he debuted it on ig live.

…and why is kandi not joining this group again??????

that sounded GOOD AF!
i feel like kandi is going to kick herself in the tail.
i’m high key ready for their new album!!

lowkey: why did kandi even decided to do this?
if she wasn’t gonna fully participate…

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “XSCAPE Without Kandi Sounds…”

  1. It sound cute I love Kandi But she be pissing me off with this group. I love her voice in group her voice add that spark as far with the harmonies. BUT girl you couldn’t do this album cause of Broadway 😒🙄. I wish you would say I don’t fuck with the Scott sister and keep it pushing.

  2. That’s sounds GREAT!!! And Tiny came right on in and did her GOOD SANGIN!!! I can honestly get with this album right now!!!

  3. Notice Tamar in the comments.

    Traces of My Lipstick will always be my favorite even though it was a whole side chick anthem / album lol

  4. They sound great as usual. Tiny killed her verse. BUT, the song song sounds DATED! It doesn’t fit today’s radio format. They need a stronger and more current single to really come back poppin

    1. It does sound good, but I do agree that it sounds a bit dated. However, today’s radio format could use something different, but this doesn’t separate them from the pack, other than there are no female groups out there hittin’ it right now. Fifth/Fourth Harmony…not feeling them right now. Like Xscape needs Kandi, they need Camila. Their distinct voices and/or harmonizing/riffs made their groups click.
      Give me all or nothing.

      1. I completely agree. Even if you dont like Kandi’s voice, you can clearly hear the hole in their sound. And I am listening for that missing piece. As far as people calling Kandi petty, well lets be clear if somebody when on the radio and flat out lied on you, you will be petty as fuck as well. And she and Tocha got other deeper issues.

  5. I guess when I look at Kandi’s mother I can see where she gets her silly ways because Mama Joyce is a piece of work for the ages. Kandi is too old, and too blessed to be still mad about 20 year old high school drama, especially when the women have apologized and seem like they are ready to move on. She wants to wallow in self-pity and cry at every turn because she feels that she was done so wrong. Kandi grow the hell up, and let that old shit go. You are clearly still insecure because your vocals can not carry you alone on a Solo career. I have seen you live opening for Fantasia and you clearly need those girls to shine. As a matter of fact, saw you last year at Essence during the Expo and even your little set singing to a track was not impressive. You still love the spotlight so get out here and make new music and show these youngins how its done and preserve your legacy. Your passive aggressive behavior drives me crazy. You seem Petty at best and wanna now show that you can have the last laugh because you are rich and successful. The glory days are behind you all now, do it for the fun and the fans who still love and support you all and stop being so damn shady.

  6. Kandi’s just still hurt and being petty at 40. She’s successful. Let them get this project out and eat too. With or without her. It’s not like she has the greatest voice.

  7. In all honesty, I dont like it. Bc I keep listening for Kandi’s voice. Whether you like her voice or not, its an integral part of the Xscape sound!

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