XSCAPE Without Kandi Sounds…

don’t get too attached to kandi in these promo pictures.
so i’ve been lowkey excited about xscape making a comeback.
there have been a couple snags,
especially with kandi not being on the new tracks,
but i just heard a snippet of a new song of theirs tonight.
sans kandi.
it’s produced by tricky stewart and he debuted it on ig live.
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This Is What Happens When You Xscape A Fuck Boi

for someone like tiny,
you go back to doing what you love.
i’m so happy to see the vixens of xscape back together again.
they will be performing at the essence festival this summer,
but you can see a preview of what to expect
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Michael Jackson Was Raised From The Grave

tumblr_n5sw4bpkO51swtcono1_500so michael jackson made his first appearance from beyond the grave tonight.
i’m serious.
he performed live via hologram on the #bbmas.
i still don’t know what to think…
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