Michael Jackson Was Raised From The Grave

tumblr_n5sw4bpkO51swtcono1_500so michael jackson made his first appearance from beyond the grave tonight.
i’m serious.
he performed live via hologram on the #bbmas.
i still don’t know what to think…

it was great to see michael back,
but lord knows he looked like a sims character.
his head was not really connecting with his body in some scenes.
i did like him on his throne and the moonwalk was pretty solid.
i give it a B.
these holograms are kinda scary tho,
but i had to wonder if they are disrespectful to the dead?
are they a money making scheme?
or was it something genuine for his legion of fans and stans?
all i know he is missed,
but he proved he is still killin’ from beyond the grave.
…and a flash drive.


lowkey: i wonder what the michael jackson stans thought of it?

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Was Raised From The Grave”

  1. I had just turned to the award show when I saw it and honestly, I didn’t know it was a hologram.I didn’t really look for anything significant because I was on the computer(on this website) looking back and forth from screen to screen.I thought it was an impersonator.Then I thought maybe it was some new Michael Jackson show coming to Broadway or something.

    I saw people on my twitter feed saying there was an hologram MJ hologram and I was thinking when was this during the show?I should’ve payed more attention.I loved the Tupac one from last year because Tupac is my old school crush.It was nice to see that body and them mannerisms back on stage.

    A shame we have to rely on holograms of dead people for entertainment.The only artist that is the same league as them is Beyonce.I can see their being holograms of B in the future.

  2. I felt it was blasphemous for them to do that. He would NOT have performed like that had he still been alive today. That was a version of MJ from 1993 that died long before he even passed away so NO I didn’t think it was respectful. It’s all about MONEY for the estate and getting rich off his legacy. But I will say that technology is AMAZING in 2014. Soon we’re not going to need actual human beings to perform anymore.

  3. Disrespctful as hell. He had no childhood. He had no peace as a successful adult. Now he has no peace in the afterlife. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take this hologram on tour.

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