So I Watched The 2018 BBMAS And Well…

so i was watching “13 reasons why” and was high key involved.
i’m really into this second season.
we will discuss on a later date.
so i wasn’t trying to watch the “billboard music awards”,
as most award shows these days are disappointing,

but a foxholer emailed me to remind me to watch.
i started a little late,
but i had a few thoughts as it went on.
i’ll post some videos,
but i know youtube gonna start snatching em.
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Adele Is Trying To Make Me Sick

latestthis song came right on time for me.
i have been ignoring my adele albums like the plague.
i knew if i listened to anything from her,
i’d be all in my feelings.
well the other day i was on apple music and saw she had a new single.

“send my love (to your new lover)”

i was excited because that is my favorite song off the “25” album.
i also relate to it quite heavy nowadays.
well she premiered the video during the #bbmas and well…
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Ya’ll Gonna Put Some Respeck on Madonna Name!

are ya’ll gonna let up dragging madonna to the white meat?
her tribute to prince last night at the billboard music awards was,
a mess.

i don’t think anyone appreciated what she did tho.
i’m sure prince did a couple turns in his urn.
i honestly expected her to be doing splits and shrieking to hades.
my expectations were already low as is.
why is this snow attentionista honoring a black artist?
one i don’t think allegedly liked her very much.

well madonna had something to say on ig and well…
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Michael Jackson Was Raised From The Grave

tumblr_n5sw4bpkO51swtcono1_500so michael jackson made his first appearance from beyond the grave tonight.
i’m serious.
he performed live via hologram on the #bbmas.
i still don’t know what to think…
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