So I Watched The 2018 BBMAS And Well…

so i was watching “13 reasons why” and was high key involved.
i’m really into this second season.
we will discuss on a later date.
so i wasn’t trying to watch the “billboard music awards”,
as most award shows these days are disappointing,

but a foxholer emailed me to remind me to watch.
i started a little late,
but i had a few thoughts as it went on.
i’ll post some videos,
but i know youtube gonna start snatching em.
here goes…

christina aguilera looks AWFUL.
why did she do whatever she did to her face?
she is way too fluffy for new lips.

i predict a flop for her this year.
none of these singles are catching my attention.
the performance with demi lovato was terror.–pwzo

and folks was saying she wasn’t ready.
she ready and i’m continuing to cape for her.

when did nick jonas start getting so thick?


he made my whole body quiver when he walked out.
the arms>>>>
his tail>>>>>
i wanted to find the full video with his tail in those pants.

he is one white wolf i would give my tail to tho.
i can only imagine the white gays have a bounty on him.

john legend song sounded so good.
where are the bunz?
he lost them after chrissy gave birth?

so i found out who bts is.
my twitter mentions have been blown up because of it.

the audience went insane just be the mention of their names

i can’t hate on taylor as “reputation” is my current shit.
i will hate on camilla tho.
she was doing too much once taylor walked up on that stage.
you can tell she is “leave her messages on read sometimes” friend

i like that shawn mendes song

what virgin goat blood is jlo drinking?
she isn’t aging.
that song was aight.
i see she hopped on that cardi wave.

arianna grande brother look like the penguin from “gotham”

why does pepa from salt n pepa look like a ghost?
what was she trying to accomplish with her look?

i like khalid.

taylor is forever playing the victim.
she better turn that bad publicity into an era.
she has a good machine team behind her.

i don’t need to font anymore.

i needed more tho.
i wanted all her hits dammit!

sam hunt is sexy

kelly clarkson tore that stage up.
i’m starting to like her…

simon cowell literally wears the same outfit

camilla is so stiff,
but i do like this “havana” bop.
the set is basic and she performed so damn long.
normani didn’t need all those dancers to hold my attention

its good to see her doing charity work too!

black folks can’t hate on bts.
their stans go hard af.
we could do the same if we supported our own.
we too busy tearing them down or putting them against each other.
we gotta do better with our own.

that song they performed was a low key bop tho.

i won’t be buying/listening an album anytime soon tho.

i’d sit on neyo face.


there were some weird winners at the bbmas tonight

salt n pepa still got it.
i hate pepa out here wyldin,
but they legends and her my respect

vocals sounds great and pure melanin magic

award shows are better when twitter is involved.
the bbmas was cool.
i wouldn’t have ran home to watch it,
but it was entertaining.
kelly clarkson was a good host.
so that was all i could think of.
if i get better quality videos,
i’ll make sure to update.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “So I Watched The 2018 BBMAS And Well…”

  1. Unfortunately i think the whole thing was overshadowed by the royal wedding and shooting in Texas. Normani definitely registered with me but i dislike Khalid even more. Much to my disappointment, this did not turn out to be the showcase for the legend that is Janet. Love her still, tho. Pepa looks horrible but it worked for the stage and En Vogue (looking and sounding great) got shortchanged…

  2. I don’t watch award shows anymore but I only watched this one for Janet. Normani was really great I enjoyed her performance. I liked Kelly she did a good job as the host. I also won’t lie, I wasn’t expecting much from salt n pepa but they proved me wrong and they were on fire and don’t get me started on en vogue still sounding and looking the same. I do wish Janet would of given us two more songs like dance breakdowns to All For You, You Want This. I honestly loved just seeing her being honored. I will write too that some of Janet performance was cut to the audience when she was really cutting up for example the breakdown to If which was great.

  3. Norman is a Melanin Goddess, hope her career goes far. I’ve been into BTS since they debuted in Korea so it’s dope to see them getting awards and performing on the U.S. stage. I hate the song tho it’s forgettable, the choreography makes up for it. Janet seems to be having a career renaissance lately and it’s long overdue. She’s an icon and is amazing in concert.

  4. I missed Normani’s performance. Must’ve been in the kitchen. LOL

    I liked the performance with Christina and Demi. It seemed like at some points one mic was on and the other off. But it was good. Not feeling her singles either. Hope the CD has more to offer, because what’s dropped so far is not good.

    My mouth dropped when I saw Nick at the podium as well, J. I was like when did he put on that muscle?! Looks good on him.

    Not feeling Camila. She’s better in a group than a solo artist. That’s just me though.

    BTS…you would think it was the second coming of Christ the way the crowd carried on whenever they were shown on the screen.

    I was not feeling JLo’s song, but she killed her performance.

    I consider myself a big fan of hers, but I was very underwhelmed by Janet’s performance. She should’ve put a stamp on it just to shut the haters down. She didn’t need all of those dancers (neither did JLo). She could’ve used maybe 5 or 6, and just owned the stage. It looked like a crowded mess. LOL

    I was thrilled she did Throb (’cause that’s my shyt right there)…but her performance should’ve REALLY shown why she is an ICON.

    Kelly…she rocked the opening with a medley of the nominee’s hits. She sounded awesome. Hard to believe that when she first came on the scene I didn’t think she was all that. I started to become a fan after her second album.

    Taylor…over her corny butt. You’re right…she playing the victim. That speech she gave after winning the album category made me do a side eye. She was taking jabs. She ain’t so innocent anymore. LOL

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