They Should Have Stuck To Their Guns (13 Reasons Why)

the truth is scary,
it’s raw,

but most of all it’s real.
the news is real.
life is fuckin’ real.
i hate when we’re forced to be filtered because someone will get “offended”.
behind closed doors,
those same folks are the absolute worst.
this is my beef with this 2nd season of “13 reasons why”.
some light spoilers ahead…

school shootings are real and they’re happening.
they’ve been happening since columbine.
what is that?
or so?
like i fonted before,
i was involved in this new season over the weekend.
at first,
i was confused as to where they were going,
but they surprisingly had a plot line for us to stew on.
the way i took it:

Life after someone commits suicide and the secrets that come out

it was really an interesting look at the destruction it leaves behind.
as some who was once really suicidal,
it really hit close to home for me.
all the while i was watching it,
they gave hints that a school shooting was gonna go down.
i was ready for it.
i had already shed tears throughout the season,
so i was ready for the hard stuff.


as i heard,
they allegedly removed the scenes because of the current climate.
a school shooting just happened in santa fe on the release date.
i guess they felt the pressure from all the backlash from the first season.
cubs kill themselves everyday b.
not only would the school shooting have created an interesting discussion,
and possibly bring about a topic rarely discussed in film,
but it would have led perfectly into their season 3.
if they wanted to be edited,
they could have cut it off at a certain point and start the new season during the aftermath.
they need to go head and cancel this show because it’s heading into “pointless” territory.
i don’t even have the energy to figure out where season 3 will begin.
so much potential ruined because of what others think.

entertainment comes in many forms.
it can be funny with a touch of lighthearted,
dramatic and emotional,
or blunt and in your face.
we need to stop asking folks to share their truths,
but then lace up our tracks shoes and run from it.
not everything is sunshine and roses.
our lives surely aren’t.
there is real shit happening and we need to face it.
we can’t continue to live in a world that gives us the hard unfiltered truth,
buttry to cover our eyes when the same shit is presented to us in tv/movies.
guess what parents!?
if your cub wants to shoot up a school,
it wasn’t because of “call of duty”.
if your cub wants to kill him/herself,
a tv show didn’t give them the motivation.
i’m really disappointed that “13 reasons why” bitched up and ruined great potential.
i hope another show of this magnitude can do better.

3 thoughts on “They Should Have Stuck To Their Guns (13 Reasons Why)

  1. First, let me say that this show did not need a second season. The whole point of the show was to find out why Hannah killed herself. We did and that should have been the end. Unfortunately money talks and now we have a unnecessary continuation. This time the focus is on the trial which they basically used as an excuse to regurgitate the first season from the other character’s perspective and inject new details that add zilch to the plot.

    Yes, they handled the school shooting threat very poorly. They obviously didn’t want to go through with it and deal with the backlash (which I totally understand) so instead they came up with an unconventional response that went straight into WTF territory. To have one of the characters basically stand up to the shooter and try to calm him down instead of focusing on getting everyone else to safety and calling the police made absolutely no sense.

    Can someone explain to me why none of these kids have transferred? The school is god awful. I would’ve been begging my parents to get me out.

  2. I have never seen this show a day in my life but I can honestly say that it has ruined the book for me. The book meant a lot to me in high school and to see it be commercialized the way it has just makes me really sad. When I was in school the book made me change the way I treated people even people that treated me bad. It was really thought provoking. I feel that if had to be brought to the screen it should’ve been to the big screen. The topic of suicide shouldn’t be rehashed and used for enentertainment.

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