Everything Seems So Perfect In The Snow

marke-miller-headlineokay so cuteness overload.
god did i just say that?
*slaps self in face*
ugh okay better.
so an f-bi sent me a few videos with this snow wolf.
his name is mark miller and he has a booming youtube channel.
he is out as well.
he is also dating a cute snow fox by the name of ethan hethcote.
just look at these damn videos…

like cuteness r us!
okay what is happening with me today?
anyway mark looks completely enamored with him.
hell they both do.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 6.45.53 PMi think everyone in life wants this.
well not them.
well they are both really cute.
ugh besides the point.
no everyone wants to be in love.
hell i want this.
someone who is my friend and we do dumb shit together.
we are comfortable with each other to be stupid.
granted i wouldn’t be making youtube videos,
and i want a more private “bey/jay” situation,
but this is really inspiring.
plus they also kiss all the time.
i loooovvveeeeeee kissing.

this foolishness actually made me happy today.
ethan actually reminds me of myself.
i haven’t given up hope on my journey.
you shouldn’t on yours.
ya wanna know something weird?
i didn’t feel the same with michael sam and his snow fox for some reason.

derrick’s was way too “lolita” for me.

lowkey: why doeseverything always seems so perfect with the snow kind?

see more videos: here

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Everything Seems So Perfect In The Snow”

  1. If you like them you will probably like Will and RJ, and also Ken and Nick. They do daily vlogs so we get to see the good and the bad of relationships. One thing I have noticed with Ethan and Mark is they get a lot of flack for seeming “too perfect.”

    1. ^yeah I can see why.
      they seem very ken and barney.
      maybe it’s like the “nice” thing.
      when people are genuinely nice,
      people don’t understand it.

      1. “when people are genuinely nice, people don’t understand it.”

        Speak on that shit man. All they know is fake and phony, but when a genuine person comes along they do not know how to act right.

  2. I have had relationships like that…..but with women, never with a man. Women appreciate a good man like myself more than a man. Men in this lifestyle do not want to be loved, especially the ones who are my age who are in college, and they are not ready to let a man love them. They have yet to become comfortable with their sexuality, which makes them unavailable from a emotional and mental standpoint. I am almost 21 physically but I am almost 30 by experience and maturity, which causes friction when I attempt to interact with guys my age. They are not ready for all of this, it’s that simple.

  3. That gif of them falling over kissing and laughing won me over.I wish I had that too.I’m gonna give my theory as to why everything seems perfect with the snow kind. Here it goes.

    I think it has to do with the two people involved.I don’t know why but for some reason, Black people like to put on an image.Whites are more comfortable being themselves even if their entire image and swag is copied from someone else.

    Funny thing is, I’ve seen gay Asian couples that act just like these dudes.I have yet to see two Black dudes behave this way.I feel like it has to do with us not being comfortable in our own skin.That’s why most of the time when a Black dude is gay, he takes on the most feminine, dress wearing, wig wearing, limp wrist persona.

    It’s like because we hold back so much, when we finally get to be ourselves, we’re over taken by whatever that may be.From dressing like a thug, to dressing like a woman, and/or being corporate.

    I’ve seen it with my own two eyes multiple times.Not with gay Black men but straight ones.I’d be hanging around one dude and he would be so cool and laid back, as soon as another one comes, he puts on this fake persona like he’s expected to be some bad ass tough guy.The funny thing is, all these dudes were chill when the others weren’t around.

    It’s no different than being around a cool ass Black girl.She puts on when the others come around.I’m always shocked when a Black girl reveals she’s into some nerdy type shit.

    I guess most Black people put on because they’d be called “acting white” by their peers.I was.

    Do you think two Black parents could sit there and be happy talking about their gay son like his parents are?

    Fuck no.

    1. Zen,
      Bro this was a very good analysis. Might I also add that most Black people growing up, have never really had the luxury “just to be” like most whites. We are raised to always be alert, always to watch our back, never to trust Whites, dont do what white people are doing and this rubs off on how we treat each other. White people in the past didnt have to worry about succeeding when they did what was ask of them, like go to school, find a job, work hard etc. While many Blacks have played the game only to find themselves not being able to have the same opportunities. Many Black parents in the last generation grew up under harsh segregation where Blacks were taught to stay in there place and that mentality has rub off on the present generations of Blacks and how they relate to their children. It’s easy to raise children when you know your job is going to be there, you have a support system, you have medical insurance, all things Whites have traditionally had to support their families, and of course not worry about systematic racism. Blacks on the other hand have had to survive, and many Black children never had the luxury to be different, creative, and when they did most Blacks didnt support them or call them weird, crazy or Gay. We are so harsh with each other both Str8 and Gay that its no wonder many of us have such fractured relationships with each other. I always love to see Black people doing non-traditional things, but when I meet dudes who are different and into other things traditionally associated with White Culture I find that these dudes do not relate to other Blacks, and I have seen this with both Str8 and gay Blacks. Of course let me not leave out that we are a very judgmental people when people are different and dont follow the so called rules of what it means to be Black and what you are supposed to do and not do when you are Black.

      I see that White parents offer so much more support for their Gay children than most Blacks, many of our parents would rather not talk about it or acknowledge it, feeling like they are flawed some kind of way because their children are gay. I guess we really cant be mad when many Black successful gay brothers gravitate toward the White world. We have a long way to go before we see 2 Black dudes doing what these snowbunnies are doing. Lets be honest, if these dudes were Black, so many of our gay brothers would be cracking on them and dissing them and let me not start on the Str8 females in our community who’s favorite past time is to dis all known gay black dudes and try to figure out the Tea on all the others so they can diss them too. We cant win.

  4. Yeah I known about them for awhile, seeing their love is a little bitter sweet because I would love a wolf like that crazy about me(like I would be for him) and for us to do cute couple like things. SIGH head in the clouds

    1. same here. its gonna be a bitch when they break up though. you know its bound to happen. they are like 7 and a half years old.

  5. Unfortunately, about 70% of black children are born out of wedlock and that really affects how we see relationships. Many people can look at these clips as inspiration, but many are conditioned to see it as apples and oranges.

  6. Perfect? Don’t get me wrong they might seem to have a happy relationship, but don’t let the playa play you. Jay Z and Beyonce seem like they have a happy marriage, but after that whole incident now there are questions. And hello Sherri, whatever happen to her wonderful, happy marriage? I notice in relationships people have a bad relationship like to overdo it by showing off and bragging about their relationship, and have this need to talk about it everyday. While those in good relationships are more private.

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