was it “motown” or “uptown”? (i’m confused)

when i think of motown,
i think of black soul.
a time when artists stood on a stage and sung.


they might have had background dancers,
doing one or two hand motions,
but it was all bout the voice.
motown reminds me of a happy time in my life.
when my parents were alive,
they would play those classics while cleaning or going somewhere in the car.
i often listen to the music to invoke those memories.
so when i heard jennifer lopez was performing a motown tribute at the grammys,
i knew it would NOT go well.
it didn’t…


that’s the best quality i could get foxhole.
damage control is on full swing with this one.
anyway: how horrific.
from the cat suit,
to the dancing,
a random alicia keys,
to the randomness of everything


how disrespectful was it to have her do a motown tribute,
a latina with absolutely no soul within her own music,
especially during “black history month”?
it was the absolute pits.
where were all the black artists who would have loved that gig?
i know the grammys has turned a lot of artists off,
but this can’t be it.
i would have settled for some no names off the street than that wretched mess.
booty “shake it, shake it baby” to “abc”?
don’t get me wrong,
i like j lo.
i listen to her music when the mood strikes.
i have no issues with her,
but i take issue with what she brought to the table.
i’ll pay her some bail:

Her voice has improved

no improved voice could save her tho.
it’s okay to say “no” tho.
i think it would have been best if she did.

lowkey: smokey robinson thinks we are stupid to get upset…

and jennifer defended her performance via “et”…

“Singing up there with Smokey Robinson, like, I gotta pinch myself,” she said. “I grew up on all those songs, and because my mom loved him so much, she passed him on to us. The thing about music is that it inspires all,” she continued. “Any type of music can inspire any type of artist. You can’t tell people what to love. You can’t tell people what they can and can’t do, what they should sing or not sing. You gotta do what’s in your heart. They know how much I have been influenced by that music, and so it was a natural fit for them,” she said. “But for some people, [it wasn’t], and that’s okay. I’m just very humbled and honored to be able to have sung those songs.”

she was influenced by motown?
i thought it was hiphop?

article cc: et

22 thoughts on “was it “motown” or “uptown”? (i’m confused)

  1. Jamari, don’t eem get me started on Berry Gordy’s whitewashed ass and Smokey Coonbinson who legit thinks he’s an elderly Caucasian woman with all of those lunch time procedures he gets in Midtown. He better hope they don’t Joan rivers his ass! Coons being coons being coons.
    It’s called toxic erasure and black men are at the helm of it by promoting all things non black. Hell even Mariah tried to warn us all about her but nobody wanted to listen… just bury their heads in the sand. J-Ho used black culture as a stepping stone and look where it got her. Let one of us try it at the CMAs in this magat era or some Latin event and see how well they receive us. Amara la Negra been tryna told us.

  2. I think she did a great job. Fresh take on some classics. Berry, Smokey and Diana didn’t mind. So…I’m realizing that in the social media era, we’re concerned about the stupidest shit.

  3. That’s the thing about it the what about isms. They here trying to replace using that line. They prop up whiteness. Not all but enough. Do research on latin history very anti. Just pay attention to ppl and soon there true colors will show. I see these ppl as the newest threat. They secretly hate whites to but kiss up just to get ahead while trying to push down others. Some despise asians because they seen as a threat. Ask anybody from Cali or FL how they are. I was shocked when I heard the stories because I truly thought they were cool. Then get mad when they called out. Some use the line we just like y’all we have the same blood when it’s convenient to them but culturally there different as night us to day. They not for the ppl and the sooner ppl learn that the better. We can’t say they all the same but be careful around

  4. Also, no matter how many movements or unite the people groups there are .. unison of races will never happen I’m full.

    Though I’m not what you would call a “religious” Foxholers, this verse in Genesis, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” ( Genesis 3:15).

    The seed of the serpent and the seed of Adam (God, Univese, whatever you wanna call it .) will always be at each other throats as long as man walks the Earth. Same then, same until this day. Cain killed Abel because of jealousy. The same way these others discredit black and darker skin, and kill them. Same thing going on today. Nothing changed…except technology.

    I dont speak too much on Latinos but idk. Some of them a damn mess too.

    To me, it seems like Everytime a black person does something of importance or is popular, one of them be like, “What about us?” 🙄

    I used to say…some folks like the culture but they don’t like the people. Everyone wanna adobt black culture but call their own, “traditional..”.. lmao

    I had a talk with one ofy long distance friends and he was like, “Jai, white folks are something evil.”

    I told him, yes, SOME of them are pure evil. If you knew how much they wanted to wipe you out.

    For them, interracial relationships is a plus because they know Blacks have very strong genes. They want your organs, skin and everything and they are steady killing trying to blot folks out.

    Them.straight black folks talking about a homosexual agenda mislead it’s a shame. You got folks getting away with murder. Shooting black dudes 8 times with no weapon…chi..

    The evil whites (and white associates) tolerate you, until you begin to surpass them because they still have that superiority complex DNA..they train their kids this way too.

    I’m telling you Jamari, there are signs everywhere that shut ain’t right.

    But anyways..let me get off this so this man can do hi stuff..🙄

  5. I love how some of the Foxhole is clicking the foolishness and not letting it ride out. This was disrespectful and they’ve been doing it for years ..slowly but surely blotting out things. Not an attack on all whites but I keep my same line of thought whenever the issue of race comes up. There is one that has a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong history of doing three things: Steal, Kill and Destroy. Steal the Ideas, Kill the Original Creators and Destroy the Legacy.

    Just keep watching… years from. If this blog is still kicking..as well as myself..I’mma come find this post and be like..Well, Damn.

  6. Let a black woman do a whole tribute to Gloria Estefan and Selena or Celia Cruz and see how far that “you can’t tell people what they can and can’t do” goes. Latinos would riot!

    Blacks have no problem with nonblacks colonizing their music like they do everything else, which is why there’s no backlash.

    A Vegas Show is not the essence of what Motown was.


    You notice the Grammys didn’t try that shit with Dolly Parton.

    1. This is what I’m saying some ppl to accepting of others. Especially when those like J lo and alot of her ppl feel the way they do about race. In Latin culture they treat Afro Latinos like dirt but even some of them have that attitude they have. Look at Florida look at Cali they pushing ppl out of jobs to put there on in. They claim they down with the ppl when it’s convenient to them. But wait until they get around there own. I keep saying they are not to be trusted. Fake and hypocrisy is a language many of them speak well. It amazes me how many if them hold the sentiment they have about other groups. When in actuality they should be looking fior allies with the present situation going on with them. That’s why I’m like whatever on immigration. Why would a person smile in your face and talk about you behind your back. Just be real. The ppl better wake up not everybody that call you friend truly your friend some want your position. They already saying they help create hip hip.

  7. I’m glad this article was posted because it leads into sometime else I want to talk about
    First that performance, it was okay. Should have been performed by someone with actual soul. Secondly are they using latinos to try and replace the culture from hip hip to other forms. Over the years theres an influx of others coming into the culture piggy backing off the back of the people then once they get in they switch it up and only put they on in. Let’s talk about the erasure and cultural appropriation of the culture. Nicki would be a perfect example. She was everybody fav at one point. BTW who saw what BET put up about Nicki. That was foul. She spent 8 year supporting the culture and BET for them be disrespectful When all the rest stop attended the awards Nicki did. The barbz are furious. Nicki said she won’t be doing BET Is there an assault against the ppl. Are the ppl who created these genres being erased from them.

  8. So have they replaced all essence of black people yet like I said a year or so ago? Soon they’ll have Arian Grande doing a Whitney Houston tribute…🙄

    Honestly, black history month should be everyday but for them to do this is low-key lowbrow in my opinion. Why on Earth would they allow her of all people to do such a thing. A nasty attitude having Latina that “doesn’t speak to help”

    To be fair, Motown music was for everyone…but to be a bit better, why not let a Black Performer to the tribute. Hell, I’d take Chris Brown before JLo.

    I mean to each their own. Everyone saw what they wanted to see so it is what it is. Why I don’t too much get into the media outside of work.. Its one big silliness.

  9. I’m mixed on this. It is black history month so yeah a black performer would have been more appropriate and not as salacious. I do agree with that sentiment. I also thought she gave us a helluva Las Vegas show. They are doing a separate Motown tribute in April and that will have the singers that most was looking for. What JLo did was give a preview of that and spotlight the magic that is Motown. Motown was created to cross black music over to whites and everyone else. J.Lo up there doing the salsa is proof that Berry’s vision succeeded.

    Black people need to calm down. Everything doesn’t have to be a racial issue or even an issue at all. An issue that should be addressed is why does J.Lo feel like she can appropriate us whenever she feels like yet I rarely see her stand up for us.

    1. Are you sure you’re really black with that All Lives Matter response? Everything doesn’t have to be racially charged but this particular situation is. Motown was created because black artists were not welcomed at white record labels. We would constantly have our music stolen, watered down and given to white artists. There is so much history associated with Motown and I highly doubt Jennifer’s narcissistic, egotistical ass knows or even cares what Motown means to the black community. Motown was the soundtrack for the Civil Rights Movement, yet we get a Las Vegas showgirl performance as a tribute during Black History Month?

      Not only did she get her ass up there and lip-sync but she had the audacity to start salsa dancing during the performance. This had nothing to do with paying homage to Motown legends but all to do with J-Lo’s desperation to stay relevant by any means necessary. There are so many black artists that could have done that tribute justice but they chose J-lo? Even if they wanted to add a little diversity was Christina Aguilera, Adele, Sam Smith and Bruno Mars booked?

      1. Once again for the reading impaired… they are doing a separate Motown tribute in April that will have real singers apart of it. I still don’t see the fuss over one performance. If they weren’t doing a FULL Motown tribute then yes let’s be up in arms. I have better things to do with my time then nitpick to death ONE isolated performance. Smokey was right!

  10. Them vocals just not there, I mean maybe a Diana Ross song but her voice so thin whew for all that they could’ve just got Ciara safe voice type and dancing abilities but black. All that said she’s fucking gorgeous to be 49.

  11. Lol, Karen Hunter was jus talkin’ about this mess on her show on SiriusXM’s Urban View a coupl’a hours ago… Yeah, this doesn’t make any kind’a sense.

  12. Instead of white washed we got Latina washed. Guess they thought black folks would approve smdh all the Motown singers living and dead just side eyed lmao along with all America. Even my white friends were like wtf was that?

    1. Baby JLo hit the the stage with 1 black female dancer and 2 black males out of the 20 to quench yall black history thirst. Then she proceeded to salsa her way into and out of Motown’s greatest hits with a pinch of her own music from her Vegas residency at the end. She Cha cha’d and Merengue’d us into infinity.Goodnight!

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