marvin bienaime is finally dropping his load on friday

guess who tole us?
marvin bienaime,
that’s who.
his ’19 artistic nude digital calendar goes on pre order on black friday (11/23).
he had some visuals to share…

as well as a written testimony:

i’m sure those folks who questioned him are sitting on block.
i gotta font that i’m happy to see this coming into fruition.
it’s been a rough road with marvin,
but he pulled it right on through.
i’ll probably pick up the calendar for lusting support.
like i’ve fonted,
i don’t always agree with HOW he has done things,
but the wolf is talented with the camera.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: is charles gonna be in it?

cum right on in.

you can pick your copy up: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “marvin bienaime is finally dropping his load on friday”

  1. If there are no full frontals I don’t want it lol .*I didn’t see the word dick inbthe slide show presentation* 😂😂😂

  2. Kudos to him for proving me wrong (it really is happening after all). Hopefully there will be plenty of wolf tails on display!!

      1. You should buy 2 copies. You never know. One of them might end up famous and you can get it autographed by them when you interview him and auction it off for big bucks.

  3. I support the models but I’m not ready to pull out the credit card for Ms. Lip Gloss Bienaime. Behaving like a petulant cunt leaves lasting memories with potential supporters of your enterprise. And they are the wrong type of memories Marvin!

  4. I damn sure had my doubts about this ever coming out but glad to see if happening.

    It would have been a showstopper if he could have reunited with Donny Savage as I think they both helped each other get to another level.

    @carlton banks is a fool.

  5. This is just a continuation of the genre that ol school company does with calendars, video snippets, cards, etc. They appeared on the net in the early 90s at the infancy capturing muscular black men in all shades in exotic settings. Most the models were strippers and the whole fitness craze had not yet started. No gram, twitter, facebook then. They still are around today still putting out great products and they launched their new 2019 calendar shot in Jamaica as well. Marvin is good but Rundu was the original. There is room for all because it’s refreshing to see our men and culture captured and celebrated in all their glory within good taste.

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