the children are starting to speak (kim porter)

the death of kim porter really saddened me.
even though she wasn’t a big public figure,
she was still a “someone” within the industry.
the out pouring of love and condolences have proved that.
i have not stopped thinking about it since.
she left behind 4 beautiful cubs in her sudden death:

nothing is worst than losing a mother at a young age.
i already know and wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
well some of them started posting their tributes.
this is who had what to font on their instagram accounts…
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FINALLY! ( Tyler Perry Lets Us In #Amandasroom )

92ca02c1160a7f1e7386952c5fe59cb3i feel like singing etta james “at last”.
so we found out,
3 episodes in,
that amanda is the one that got shot on haves and have nots.
well killed herself.
i think that’s a “duh” if you expected anyone else.
my thing is…
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