FINALLY! ( Tyler Perry Lets Us In #Amandasroom )

92ca02c1160a7f1e7386952c5fe59cb3i feel like singing etta james “at last”.
so we found out,
3 episodes in,
that amanda is the one that got shot on haves and have nots.
well killed herself.
i think that’s a “duh” if you expected anyone else.
my thing is…

…wouldn’t amanda be on the floor tho?
sprawled out with the gun kinda across from her?
wasn’t she running around the hallway with the gun?
how did she shoot herself in the head,
and then manage to crawl in bed?
maybe i’m asking for too much.
listen if she miraculously comes back to life,
like the bullet grazed her,
ima be real upset.
raivai’m gonna tell you that right now.

lowkey: random thoughts:

  • wyatt was turnt!
  • benny is lustin’ after his mama
  • speaking of benny,
    when is he taking a shower and changing his clothes?
  • candace and jim: yawn.
  • celine seems to be addressed by “WHORE”.
  • that vixen with jeffrey is so dehydrated.
    ima need her to drink a gallon of poland spring pronto!
  • how strong was that sleeping pill for kathryn to sleep through a gun shot????
  • chicago ronni didn’t slap that snow bunny up hard enough.
    she had no bruises.
  • where the hell was quincy?
    i need my “qunicy fix” every tuesday.


7 thoughts on “FINALLY! ( Tyler Perry Lets Us In #Amandasroom )

  1. I just watched it. Why was Benny trippin like that? Hanna is an adult. Instead of worrying about what she is doing, he needs to be getting laid himself.

    It was obvious that Amanda who was shot. She better be dead too. All that shit was supposedly blood in the room. There is no way a person is going to survive with that much blood loss, not even in a tv series, and on top of that she bled out all night too. Nah.

  2. Lmao. CRINE!!! These comments. Lol. That Oedipus syndrome shit with Benny was too weird. And Benny really needs to be going back to Jeffery’s apt cause that was definitely a Jackd mission if i’ve ever seen one.

    BTW. Am I the only one who calls Celine, “Pilar” from her Passions days? Anybody? Oh.

  3. I told you it was Amanda. She was fucking herself with the pistol and accidently set it off in her vagina hole.

  4. Well these Have and Haven’t episodes are soooooo drawn out. I feel like they could pack a lil more in the episode. I missed a quincy scene too btw. One where he grabs Veronica’s neck again and gets an erection and she’s half naked. it would have been interesting to see the white “bbc lover” vixen have some battle scars after the hotel scrap and David treating her like week-old spam-just for the dramatix, lol. Wyatt should have been half naked and trying to sodomize the maid and he should have had a lust for Candace like his father. Benny should have been caught with a tranny by one of his neighborhood fellows that fucked the same tranny. But I digress… oh Jefferey should have a coke habit too, he’s too vanilla.

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