Dear “Who The Hell Is This”?

ive been meaning to watch “dear white people”.
it was on my “to do” list after i wrote a brief entry about it,
but i missed it when it was in the movies.
well i saw this on my tumblr and well…

tumblr_niq66kHjW61qg4uuho1_250tumblr_niq66kHjW61qg4uuho2_250…and ima to watch this ASAP!
who the hell is this???
and does he get naked?
well lets ( x find out ) together,
shall we?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Dear “Who The Hell Is This”?”

  1. His name is Brandon Bell he cute i guess…..the movie was good though. Tyler James Williams from everybody hates chris was in it he was gay even kissed a dude.

  2. this man is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!! SN: hey Jamari i heard that story about the wolf on social media apologizing to vixens for giving them AIDS was a hoax by his girlfriend i guess he cheated on her or something and she decided to get even…i read that he went as far as getting an HIV test on video, which came out negative, to prove it was false…smh the things people do for attention these days..

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