Get On Your Knees (U Ain’t Lickin’ Dis Then U Ain’t Stickin’ Dis)

breads_cinnamon_bun_lgi feel like every wolf should eat booty.
i said it.
“eat booty” does sound a little barbaric.
so how about…
lick the fox hole?
is that better?
surprisingly there are wolves out here who are on a “bunz free” diet.
something about too much carb intake
or some crazy excuse…
its like being in high school again.
we all had that wolf friend(s) who said this classic line:

“hell naw!
i don’t eat no pussy!
yuck thats gross!
she still gotta give me head tho…”

…and secretly,
he was on his knees properly cleaning out her vagina.
this depends on if the vixen was a dumb ass or not.
if the fox has prepared a clean platter for you to dig in…

Why not put on a bib and get on your knees?

well i got a f0xmail from one of my readers with this very discussion…
and “not for straight eyes”)…


Good Morning Jamari,

How are you?
So I was having a conversation with my friend and we had a interesting debate. Basically I said any top with a big dick (8in or more) should have to eat ass and my friend disagreed. I feel like if you have a big dick at a certain age you should know you have to prepare your partner to take it unless your partner is a hoe. What do you think?

Here is the backstory: I was at the barbershop and this guy I have been talking too over a year hits me up wanting to get his dick suck. Now by the time he actually said hey I want you to come through I was already home 30 min away. Long story short he expected me to take all that dick randomly cuz he don’t eat ass, suck dick or nothing. I turned him down simply for the fact that I have hit him up for sex multiple times and he swerved me but now all of a sudden when he calls I’m supposed to come running.

And he ain’t that cute.

well if he wasn’t cute,
and a bonafide asshole,
why are you still trying to deal with him?

aint cute.
could be cute.
that is no excuse for selfish sexual behavior.

when a wolf has a big dick,
he needs to do everything in his power to open you up.
sure he could use his fingers,
but this isn’t after school getting finger popped before mom comes home.
  nothing opens up a hole faster than his wet tongue.
tumblr_nhw3dmEbAv1rmaawuo1_500 tumblr_nhw3dmEbAv1rmaawuo2_500if he is one of the selfish wolves,
like the one in that f0xmail,
his dick should be blacklisted from any hole period.
we ain’t got no time for that.

it’s highly unacceptable which ever way you slice it,
but i had to wonder how to handle the wolf who doesn’t partake in analingus?
is it out of fear?
is it really just being selfish?
and can he be trained to enjoy it?
once your dick gets hard and you start looking for a wet hole to stick it in,
you should be adult enough to stick more than just meat inside it.
now don’t get me wrong,
we all will not be interested in partaking in everything sexual.
i personally feel like licking the bunz is part of foreplay.
it may not happen too much for the straights,
but once you decide to cum over to this side of the forest,
the rules of the game will change.
in order to receive,
you definitely have to give.
i needs to sit on that wet mouth.
so i had to wonder…

Can you tolerate a wolf who doesn’t put his tongue in your bunz?


















Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “Get On Your Knees (U Ain’t Lickin’ Dis Then U Ain’t Stickin’ Dis)”

  1. No ass eating? No blowjob then. But I think every wolves should try to eat booty, including foxes, only if the foxhole is super clean.

  2. I have chatted with a few wolves who said they don’t eat ass and I tell them “no ass eating, no deal.” I mean, they expect you to have your head all up in their crotch (and so many of them don’t know how to bathe properly). A wolf cannot touch me if he is not willing to at least prepare me for the dick. And a lot of them don’t like any kinda of foreplay like kissing, giving head, etc. I mean, how boring is that?

  3. i have before but as of now since i’m older, wiser and more stern in what i want no. Plus i have gotten used to a TOP licking, sucking and eating during foreplay before we even get to penetration…ironic that you posted this late Sunday night going into Monday, snow was on the ground i was horny and after three months of not having sex ( that seems how long i go without sex these days compared to the nine months-yr i used to do) anyways i was in the mood so i called my friend…he’s about 5’10 brown skin caramel..BAWDY not body but BAWDY lol and he’s very endowed we had to go slow before i got used to his stroke, and condoms was available but no lube but his tongue helped with that..I’m not a small guy i’m a big guy but i always attract the muscle tone fitness wolves…anyways he came over, sucked my nipples, kissed my lips and body, gave me head, kissed between my thighs, ate the ass before, after and during sex…his mouth was all over me and this is why i stand strong in my demands because there are wolves that will shower you with affection during sex, without you asking them or telling them..some wolves with big dicks think because their dick is big you’re supposed to almost worship them like the white bottom boys you see in porn…and also if i’m not getting pleasure during sex than why are you here i can get my own self off just saying… SN: i swear you read my mind because whenever you post something it relates to what im doing at the moment lol

  4. Eating ass/analigus is not recommended for non-monagamous couples who don’t know of each other’s health status. The same is not said for sucking dick. Eating ass can pass hepatis and other diseases and hepatitis can kill faster than HIV. Here’s part of an article that I read about it:

    If you’re repulsed by this, don’t play that way. But recent surveys suggest that 15 percent of American adults have experienced some form of anal sex, some 20 million people. I’ve found no statistics on the prevalence of rimming. If you know of any, please comment. But as searches on (link is external) show, many lovers are curious about it, and often feel surprised by their interest. If they try it, many enjoy it.

    Heterosexuals typically stumble on analingus during cunnilingus. The man’s tongue slips further south than he intended, and both lovers realize they’ve crossed a line.

    Analingus is a minority pleasure, but there’s nothing abnormal about it. If you reflexively condemn it, remember that not too long ago, oral sex was considered a perversion, and outlawed in many states.

    Analingus feels erotic for the same reason that anal play in general feels arousing. The anus and surrounding tissue are richly endowed with nerves highly sensitive to erotic touch.

    In addition, lovemaking draws much of its emotional power from intimacy, lovers’ deep acceptance of each other. Analingus is a way for the rimmer to say: “I love all of you. No part of you turns me off.” It’s a way for the rimmee to say: “I’m totally yours. No part of me is off limits to you.” Such mutual acceptance can be a powerful turn-on.

    Of course, rimming also involves a big fear, fecal contact. Not to worry, says sex therapist Jack Morin, Ph.D., author of Anal Pleasure and Health. Soap and water remove any traces of stool, a good reason to shower together before trying analingus. For extra safety, the rimmee might also use an enema or two before washing.

    For nonmonogamous lovers, rimming carries another risk, infections. The digestive tract terminates at the anus. Digestive bacteria pass through it, notably E. coli, which may remain around the opening. If E. coli come in contact with a woman’s genitals, she might develop a vaginal infection (vaginosis), or a urinary tract infection (UTI, cystitis, or bladder infection). Rimming might also transmit Shigella and Salmonella, which cause food poisoning, Giardia lamblia and amoebas, which cause diarrhea, and HIV, the cause of AIDS. Assess your risk, and don’t rim anyone who has these infections. But Morin says that among healthy, monogamous lovers who practice good anal hygiene, the infection risk of analingus is “extremely low.”

    Some couples who accidentally discover analingus, “accidentally” keep doing it without discussion. That’s fine, but I recommend discussing it. If your honey objects, that’s that. No one should ever feel pressured into anything sexual. But if your lover shows any interest–even if it’s couched in skepticism–you might discuss this post, and perhaps try rimming.

    Even if the two of you decide not to try analingus, or you try it and then stop, your discussions should deepen your intimacy. You learn more about one another, and ultimately, I hope, feel closer.

  5. What Fox would want a Wolf who doesn’t eat ass? Like really? Then on top of that, he don’t suck dick either. Well this Wolf eat ass and suck dick. I have been open about that lol. As a Wolf, I think eating ass is mandatory, sucking dick should be optional.

    1. and this is why you are the TRUTH Man!!!!! we need more WOLVES like you….you’re the type of wolf a fox wakes up and cooks a big breakfast for, pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon and cheese grits with a glass of orange juice lol and SN: Jamari i heard that the story about the guy apologizing on social media about having AIDS and etc was fake and that his girlfriend put up fake results and he made a video of himself getting tested and it was NEGATIVE…crazy shit i tell you smh girls ain’t shit setting up people to be played on social media for shits and giggles smdh

  6. Look if you know you get around DO NOT even fix your face to ask me to lick it!

    I really think it should be reserved for someone you’re really feeling or you’re seeing.

    The whole if you’re 8in or more he needs to eat ass is stupid. He’s supposed to eat you out because you like big penis? If he’s feeling you and that ass is CLEAN ang looking right he’ll sit you on his face like I do. Lol

    I met this bottom a week ago that said he didn’t suck dick! Say what?!

    I smooth got up to leave and he literally cut me off and got on his knees and half assed sucked my dick.

    I did him one better and put him on all fours and restrained his arms and introduced him to the hurricane tongue. Made him call me daddy and then stopped and left him hanging and left anyway lol

    1. LMAO…He wasn’t trying to let you leave after you got up. *in David Ruffin’s voice* “I know you wanna leave me, but I refuse to let you go.”

      If Hybrid’s have Foxes acting crazy, imagine how much power and authority us Wolves could have lol. I’m kidding.

      1. Shit, good luck keeping a man if you don’t suck. Your dude will go two doors down to get his piece sucked if you won’t do it.

        Half ass sucking it is even worse because now you messing up my erection.

        I already wasn’t really attracted to him but after that he may as well be related to me. lol

      2. PREACH!!!! When I suck Dick I’m on a mission, I actually had a straight wolf tell me I give head better than any chick he’s been with. I sometimes I look like someone possessed lol

      3. I’m trying to be funny but my mom actually told me that. And that I should practice on ice cream, popsicle stick, and lollipops to enhance my styles.

  7. In the words of Lil Kim
    The moral of the story is this
    You aint lickin’ this, you aint stickin’ this
    And I got witnesses, ask any nigga I been with
    They aint hit shit till they stuck they tongue in this

  8. So now there are dick length requirements to ass eating? Lil dick tops are exempt? Say what now?

    Everything ain’t for everybody. Ass eating is too risky–like potato salad at a barbeque–you don’t eat everybody’s salad!
    I can take it or leave it. Licking the gooch (perineum) and getting it licked is more pleasurable in my experience.
    Swallow the shaft, suck those nuts, and lick the gooch…

    1. That shocked me also when I read the eight inch requirement. The ones who are small should be the first ones eating if ya ask me. I agree that you don’t do it to everybody as well.

  9. This is one reason why HIV rates are so high among blacks–disregard of medical/health issues. I write that eating ass can kill you and that’s ignored like the plague. Instead, people talk ever so much about eating ass with no regard to health/medical issues. WTF!

    1. What do you want us to say Dean? Huh? You have said all this before, and we are not going to address it every time. Are we supposed to be terrified of sexual acts? Please don’t speak to any young kids about this stuff the way you do here. You’ll scare the shit out of them. Just because it can kill people, we are not supposed to talk about it? Get outta here. We can die while committing everyday tasks. Vehicle accidents are the number one killer among humans, but you get in you car and drive to work everyday don’t you? You foot could slip of the brake, or something could cross your path while you are adjusting your radio knob. Therefore, I should tell you not to drive right?

      We can get herpes from kissing alone, but I bet you do that. No, let me guess, you don’t kiss anyone on the first or second date unless you see paperwork right? They have to go to LabCorp and get tested before they can kiss you. A doctor wouldn’t even recommend that. If I’m doing a sexual act with someone, aside from kissing, you better believe we are in a relationship. With that said, most of what you said does not apply to me. I don’t know about everyone else.

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