You Can Come Out (The Rain Stopped)

115291-pink-mountainstoday was a better day.
well a step up from yesterday.
it could have happened because i called the ( x crossroad’s prayer line ).
i don’t know.

i went to sleep on the edge of emotions last night.
that debate had me feeling bad,
but all the shit i was going through kept circling my mind.
i felt doomed.
i felt like life was sonning me.
at work…

…the atmosphere was weird.
everyone was in a mood.
it was obvious.
all the talk was “these two idiots running for president”.
don’t blame those two.

blame yourself

they didn’t get to that level out the blue.
…or did they?

tumblr_ns7lsfvupi1s305pdo1_500my boss isn’t speaking to me.
he is having others give me messages.
what had me extremely tight is how he adjusted one of my co workers schedule.
he has me coming in extra early.
they told me how they asked him if i could take their schedule.


as i was leaving,
i ran into the ceo snow wolf again.
he lit up when he saw me.
i told him how i couldn’t wait see him.

i’m excited to speak to you!” as he shook my hand.

so we will be meeting in 2 weeks.
he has to do some traveling,
but as soon as he gets back,
we will meet.

i’m fuckin ready.

4 thoughts on “You Can Come Out (The Rain Stopped)

  1. So glad you had a better day yesterday here to another better day today. Two things tho:

    1.) Fuck yo boss

    2.) make sure your outfit for your meeting with that older snow wolf is fly as hell.

  2. See that passive aggressive shit? Don’t be sending me no messages through people bitch. Nothing pisses me off more. Jamari keep a positive outlook and slay this interview when yall meet. Its coming down to a mental health issue because of all this abuse. Keep in mind the employer/employee dynamic works both ways.

  3. So glad to hear you had a better day, ‘mari! So, what about you and this CEO snow wolf? I she feeling you? You know what they say about those middle-aged white men that only target black men sexually. Steer clear of him, hun!

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