The WHOLE HOT97 Interview: The “Mister Cee” Files

gay-mr-cee1thank my fav f-bi who snagged the entire interview….

28veomqjpglook if he likes it,
then i loves it.

11 thoughts on “The WHOLE HOT97 Interview: The “Mister Cee” Files

  1. If you want to know who is gay or bi, look at Mister Cee’s friends. He hangs with all the members of the Hiphop Swagger Club. Wendy Williams outed that clan a while ago but no one wanted to believe her. Bet they believing now lmbao

  2. Poor Mr. Cee, bless his little heart lol. Rosenberg went off on that ass, and he wasn’t having it and no one else is either. He is guilty as a mug, he was all over the place with his story. He know it happened. I’m not rolling down my window for no damn body at 1:00, not even at 9:00 in New York. I could see Paul George standing on a corner and I wouldn’t stop, no I wouldn’t lol. Cee needs a boyfriend who is going to hold him down in the bedroom, and is going to keep him out the streets, period.

    That Latino chick was a Latino boy. LMAO…

      1. I read he had a wife and four kids but since noone mentioned them in interview maybe it was a rumor.

      2. I don’t think he’s married anymore. When he brought up about if he chose to lie about the situation, I knew. He should have never brought that up. I don’t think Cee is a bad guy at all. I bet he’s real sweet. Big guys are usually sweet and nice. He needs to find a dude who is between 30 and 40 who is mature and can keep him satisfied and off the streets. It ain’t nothing out there but diseases.

        Some of the comments on his instagram are so mean.

      1. LOL. No, I’m only almost 20. I’m not into big guys. I like em on the smaller side, like me lol

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