Oh Lauryn, Lauryn, Lauryn… My Lauryn.

tumblr_mmewvoj6qT1spwy28o1_500lauryn hill is one of my favorite artists.
i bumped TMEOLH for a year straight.
i may need to bump it for another year.
sadly for one of my favs,
her personal life has been a hot ass mess.
the men.
the drama at her concerts.
looking like a bad lady.
lauryn recently had to go to court for not filing her tax returns.
1 mill ya’ll.
the judge decided her fate yesterday and well…

Lauryn Hill was sentenced today to three months in prison and three months of home confinement with electronic monitoring for not reporting more than $2.3 million in income by intentionally failing to file tax returns for five years.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo two weeks ago set a deadline for today for Hill to come up with $514,000 that she still owed the government. Her attorney, Nathan Hochman, said she paid her debt, along with fines, interest and restitution totaling nearly $970,000.

However, the government put her tax liability at more than $1 million, CLIFFVIEWPILOT.COM reported.

The 37-year-old Grammy winner — who on Friday released a new single, “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)” — had paid roughly $50,000 when Arleo set the deadline two weeks ago. READ MORE ….

damn 3 months in jail and then another in home confinement.
why do these artists always have tax issues?
who handles their business?
lauryn just takes hit after hit.
i doubt i’ll ever get this back:

she did put a new song recently up on itunes.
she takes a shot at the whole world.
it’s called neurotic society (compulsory mix):

Eunjung T-ara Vitamin GIF (2)it like the message.
i don’t really like the delivery.

lowkey: i loved this speech she gave these high school students in 2000.
please take a moment to check this out:

“i am not a good speaker,
but when i pray to god,
he gives me the words to say…”

i relate heavy.
that’s how i am with my writing on this site.
but marinate on this:

“until you conquer the enemy within yourself,
you can’t deal with anyone.
in order to be used by god,
you need to be used…
sometimes in order to be used,
you also have to humiliated.
you have to be kicked and beaten.
in that situation the person who is kicking and beating,
they are feeling more pain than you are.”

5 thoughts on “Oh Lauryn, Lauryn, Lauryn… My Lauryn.

  1. Lauryn Hill is one of my favorite artists of all time. Notice I said artist because she is more than just a singer, rapper, actress, and songwriter; her music comes from her heart and soul. She should’ve checked and made sure her team was doing their job. I saw that speech she made years ago and it spoke volumes to me…

  2. Damn, this entertainment industry is the devil, and so many people say they are strong and can handle it but in reality they cant, I dont think anybody who does this on a superstar level comes out of it sane. Its like almost daily you have a tragic tale of the downward spiral that many entertainers go through when the spotlight dims. As much as we think that these people have these wonderful fantasy lives, I would not want to be in their shoes even with the money and fame. Its like they all lose their soul somewhere along the way no matter what entertainment field they are in from gospel singers, to athletes, movie stars, you have to have a strong disposition and even then it seems like that is not enough. At least before Social Media, entertainers had no idea how people were so negative against them, I know they say they dont care but we all in some sense care what people think or say about us. Im sure like many we are asking ourselves what happen to Lauryn, so much talent and career so promising, but in the end we were saying the same thing about Michael and Whitney, just what happened.

    1. ^speak it t!!!
      i try to tell these people that the ent. industry is not what you think it is.
      there is so much politics behind the scenes.
      if you don’t plan to sell your soul,
      then you should sit that career out.
      they all have sold their souls for fame.

      lauryn was such a talent.
      a deep sista.
      her album is a classic by epic standards.
      now… she is there.

    2. I agree. People are never the same person they were before they entered the industry. It can do something to you.That’s why I never wanted to be famous. It’s too much.

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