The Skinny On Fat Joe’s New Living Situation This Year

tumblr_ly9e83Oc1M1qlv0fphot meals.
cute wolves.
sign us up?
it feels good to get news when it breaks.

especially when it breaks before everyone else.
i had to post when i got this drop from cliff view pilot.
it looks like fat joe is headed to the big house and well…

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Oh Lauryn, Lauryn, Lauryn… My Lauryn.

tumblr_mmewvoj6qT1spwy28o1_500lauryn hill is one of my favorite artists.
i bumped TMEOLH for a year straight.
i may need to bump it for another year.
sadly for one of my favs,
her personal life has been a hot ass mess.
the men.
the drama at her concerts.
looking like a bad lady.
lauryn recently had to go to court for not filing her tax returns.
1 mill ya’ll.
the judge decided her fate yesterday and well…

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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, Can I Get A Witness?

bernadine-madi always wondered if i’m capable of going crazy?
like if my wolf decided to act up,
would i scratch up his car or order 20 pizzas to his house?
out him to the world for reality show pipe dreams?
i’m good at cutting someone out my life when they fuck up.
i can pretty much erase your number and never look back,
but would i ever go straight up psycho?
good question.
they say good dick makes you do crazy things.
kinda like this vixen who repeatedly ran her truck in her wolf’s car.
how about it was right outside a keys and swizz beatz crib.
well my friends at cliff view pilot had this to send me…

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