The Skinny On Fat Joe’s New Living Situation This Year

tumblr_ly9e83Oc1M1qlv0fphot meals.
cute wolves.
sign us up?
it feels good to get news when it breaks.

especially when it breaks before everyone else.
i had to post when i got this drop from cliff view pilot.
it looks like fat joe is headed to the big house and well…

The rap artist and entrepreneur “Fat Joe” was sentenced today to four months in federal prison, a $15,000 fine, and one year of supervised release for failing to pay taxes on nearly $3 million in income over two years.

 The platinum-selling rapper, whose real name is Joseph Cartagena, admitted last December that he stiffed the government. He blamed his problems on “fancy guys in bow ties” who were supposed to keep watch over his finances. However, he took responsibility and said he would pay back what he owed. READ MORE….

tumblr_miqwhezGvW1s1ckhko2_5003 mill in taxes?
15,000 fine?
1 year supervised?
why is it that rappers are always irresponsible like this?
they can floss like it’s nothing,
but their house is always unkempt.
i’m sure he’ll do half that time for good behavior.
well lets hope.

lowkey: fat joe prison body on the way?


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