amy schumer always comes off so pretentious and annoying to me.
she has been going hard over will smith and the slap.
as you know,
or didn’t,
she was hosting the oscars when that went down.
according to her,
she has been ( x traumatized by the whole ordeal ).
everyone is saying comedians should be able to make jokes,
but amy had a joke about alex baldwin that she couldn’t say…

Schumer then ran down some of the jokes that proved too controversial for the Oscars telecast, including bits about Joe Rogan and James Franco. One joke found Schumer addressing Alec Baldwin and the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust.” Schumer told the crowd ahead of the jokes, “I want to preface these Oscar jokes by saying that my lawyer said not to say these. Don’t tell anybody and don’t get mad at me.”

’Don’t Look Up’ is the name of a movie? More like don’t look down the barrel of Alec Baldwin’s shotgun,” Schumer said. “I wasn’t allowed to say any of that [at the Oscars], but you can just come up and [slap] someone.”

i always thought jokes at these award shows were not pre-approved.
i thought comedians came up with them on the spot tbh.
that being fonted…

She was traumatized about a slap,
but was gonna make a joke about another incident that traumatized a family?
An incident that led to the death of someone btw.

alec baldwin,
who had ( x something to add about will smith ),
probably wouldn’t have reacted to her joke either.
he wouldn’t be making ig posts clappin’ back.
he would have shut tf up and minded his business.
white folks don’t really care when other white folks do dumb shit.

if you feel will smith was right or wrong then that is fine.
what isn’t fine is allowing white celebs to interject with their nonsense.
they are coming with privilege and a victim act to destroy someone.
i’ve noticed it’s theproblematic white celebs that are crying about it.
the other white celebs are smart enough to move forward.
mel gibson’s publicist shut that down ASAP:

others should follow suit.

article cc: variety


  1. You can see a slideshow of DEAD Ukrainians KILLED by their own kind aka other White people but the ENTIRE Black race(over 40 million people) have been set back by one slap between two people.

  2. Lol they wanna be oppressed so BAD! 😩 the fact that this dummy can’t differentiate between reacting (as wrong as it was) and being the aggressor (under the guise of a “joke”) is very telling & sad! Also, 1. Why the fuck would you WANT to tell a joke about someone accidentally being killed!? And 2. If you had told that joke & Alec Baldwin’s wife came on that stage and slapped the shit out of you, NO I wouldn’t be mad! Wrong is wrong EITHER way! most of the time verbal abuse is worse then physical

  3. You can’t come into white folks’ house and tell them not to react to your behavior while you were at their house. Ijs. I too (like any sane person) think she is being ridiculous and just using the press while it’s hot. In her defense, 1 of the big stories WAS supposed to be about women hosting the show, but we all see ppl are STILL talking about Will, over a week later, unfortunately.

    Also, as a host, you have a bunch of monologues and segments that are obviously produced and rehearsed. Chris Rock (or any comedian at his level) is unlikely to stick to a script when all he’s doing is presenting for 30 seconds. Not to mention, he obvs wasn’t privy to Jada wearing an army green gown (the joke was based on that AND her hair) before the actual awards, so there was no approval to be gained.

    And Amy thinking it’d be ok to joke about the Baldwin tragedy is the real pathetic story here. She owes her lawyer a raise.

  4. Mel Gibson has had enough drama to last him until he dies so his publicist was smart to shut that down. I agree that the whole trauma over being slapped on stage is dramatic as fuck. Just say you didn’t agree with it or that it took away from your moment and push. What we are not gonna do is turn Will Smith, a man who has built an established brand and legacy into some thug off the street. He had a lapse in judgement and will pay the consequences, white people we don’t need your help in the matter. Smh and she isn’t funny but thank you Amy for that movie where we got to see John Cena naked. That’s all she has been good for.

      1. Jamari I don’t why black people like you have to always make everything about race? Sometimes its just about right and wrong! Amy Shumer has every right as every other comedian who was horrified by what Will smith did to chime in and give there opinion! You think only black people can criticize black peoples? If you do, your wrong! Stop defending bad behavior because someone is the same color as you! Will deserves the same ire from you as Jussie Smollet got!! Both of them narcissistic entitled Bitches have set our race back 50 years and they deserve all the repercussions they’re gonna get for the rest of their lives!!!!!

        1. Girl, bye. You capitalized b*tches, but lowercased “black”. You user lowercase for things that ARE NOT HUMAN, like a black cat. You don’t say “a black man”, you say “a Black man”.

          Spare us the “as a Black person”. You are a coon you made WIll getting emotional into race. You made it about race, talking about setting us back.

          I really can’t with these delusional new commenters.

  5. For these award shows all presenters/host rehearse their skit or script a day or two before the actual show in front of the show producers to make sure they don’t mispronounce the nominees names wrong as well as make sure they don’t say anything “offensive.” So I’m sure Amy rehearsed her part and they told her it was a no go. Chris Rock was only suppose to do a joke about Penelope Cruz and her husband. He added the joke about Jada on the spot which producers hate when presenters do that lol. Amy Schumer has never been funny to me and I’m sure those jokes would have fallen flat if she did them.

    1. ^ not adding it at the last minute LOL
      this story gets worse and worse as i hear more details.
      it’s like the twilight zone at times.

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