*This is what i wrote in my private journal.
It’s been reworded for the foxhole tho.

I’m just writing my feelings out right now.
vent incoming.

i saw ^that quote earlier and it stuck with me.
what if it all works out?”
how do you truly entertain a thought when you feel things won’t work out?
we are all master creators.
we have made magic with just our thoughts and having faith.
i got to thinking tho and…

What if you can’t think that some things will work out because you are used to them not working out in the past?

i hated even writing that but it’s been on my mind.
it’s hard when we venture into territory we don’t have the most luck in.
we are told to think positively and forget about it.
with other things,
it’s that easy to let go.
with this particular thing(s) we want tho,
it haunts our minds until it becomes an obsession.
once the seeds of an obsession are planted,
we start seeing all the ways why it won’t work out for us.
everyone seems to have this particular thing(s) we want.
so we do what we do when we are losing control.

We stalk their social media
We see everyone being successful
We compare ourselves to others we deem better looking/living
We think everything looks harder and seems more complicated

after that happens,
we find ourselves becoming insecure and boom:

an utter mental meltdown of pessimism and spiritual destruction.
once we get there,
we won’t manifest because we created too strong of resistance.

How do we truly let go of something we want but we’ve never had luck with before?

 i’m trying to have faith the size of a mustard seed again.
it’s hard when it’s with things i’m scared about.
i guess this is where i read the bible or something?
vent over.

lowkey: how did beyonce know she would become a legend?
all our favs?
did she ever doubt or question it when she was coming up?
i feel like we are manipulated into thinking they never doubted before.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Honestly, I’m in that moment right now. What I am trying to do is to focus on the positives and beauty of what is. What is in this moment here and now. And I continue to make moves to get to where I want to be. And when I encounter a setback, yes it does get me down and makes me doubt. But I have to remind myself that it is only one avenue that has closed. And that I just need to invest my efforts into finding another approach, another angle or something similar so that I can keep making my way towards my goal. Because I want it that bad.

    And letting myself appreciate any progress made. See where I have come from and where I still have to go. Sure not everything will be a victory and not every goal is achievable. But that doesn’t mean that I will give up. In the journey you may end up finding a part of the dream that you totally love that wasn’t on your radar before. Because it may all work out for you or even if it doesn’t it may still lead you to an amazing place. Not my most eloquent comment but I’m literally just typing what I’m going through.

      1. AJ said it best honestly and I’m too taking his advice. Having faith and believing things will work out is also having trust and patience. I’m trying something new myself this year and it’s making me so uncomfortable because I have no control over it and I keep wanting to make it work. I just gotta take a deep breath and let the process be and if it don’t work then keep trying. Don’t take no for an answer and keep hunting!

  2. Whenever people say “it’ll all work out”, I wonder what they say to a child in a 3rd world country dying from poisoned water due to an American soda company stealing their water to make sugar toxicity for us.

    Or to the people who didn’t do PPP loan scams and work themselves to death.

    People will say anything to avoid the ugliness of life. We don’t have to focus on it all the time, but the idea that we “just don’t see the bigger picture” is what scam artists say.

  3. Describes my life completely. My income dwindled, position I wanted is available to literally anyone else who applies. Life is sucking right now. I am considering giving up and getting an EBT card.

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