Michael Vick Gets Allegedly Caught Doggin’ Out His Wife

with “friends” like these…
bad enough these wolves are so trife,
but these new school hoes are so reckless.
what’s so hard with getting some pipe,
a couple coins if he feeling generous,
and a closed cell phone?
a hoe allegedly decided to put ex baller wolf and very married,
michael vick,
out there.
her “friend” put them out there.
this is what the friend sent to “the shade room”...

how did she not know michael vick wasn’t married?
what rock does she live under?
he was on a whole reality show,
“baller wives”:

she just had another cub by him last year too.
she sounds like she was getting caught up in the dick to investigate.
he looks like he had bomb pipe too.
is kijafa going anywhere tho?
if she stood by him during “dog-gate”,
i doubt a random will make her leave.
it’s cheaper to keep her.
she’ll pour some her a glass of “lemonade” and move on.

lowkey: at least the hoe got herself some lobstah for her final meal.

6 thoughts on “Michael Vick Gets Allegedly Caught Doggin’ Out His Wife

  1. Athletes are hoes. What’s new? And these women (including his wife) are proud gold diggers so #NextCase!

  2. She thought withholding sex for that comment Vick made about Colin K. was punishing him lmao.

    Little did she know…haha

    Women in general need to choose husbands with the same methods men choose wives.

    Men don’t wife community property that’s been ran through, so I’ll never understand why women chase after rappers and athletes with intentions of marrying one.

    You can fuck one and spend his money anytime, they’ll always be around just like hoes are.

  3. Are there any faithful dudes?? Is this the new thing now? What’s the point of getting married if u are going to step out of ur marriage. Smh. I know I’m the only guy that wants to be with one person and one person only.

  4. Smh some men are dogs, a lot of men cannot keep their ding dongs in their pants, I just don’t understand it. People also need to stop looking at these celebrities and people on social media and writing goals. You never know what goes on with people marriages and relationships. Your right Jamari his wife is not going anywhere. These wives will say, “but I got the ring and we live together, so we’re good he always come back to me though.” It’s so sad.

  5. I agree! Was she living under a rock?! How could she not know about him between the dog fighting ring and the STD scandal back in the day?!
    Didn’t know he was on a reality show though. Never watched that one.

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