“Check It”: A Gay Gang!

the gay/bi community have always been tough.
being gay/bi is not the easiest of lives to live.
add on being “black” and it is a whole nother story.
“soft” isn’t always weak.
there is strength in what others deem as “sweet”.
some of the gay/bi baller wolves are perfect examples.
who you fuck,
or how you’re raised,
doesn’t determine your masculinity.
well louis c.k. has captured being gay in another light.
this time in a gang setting.
this is what variety had to say about it…
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Wait? You Mean My Gang Members Can’t Come Too?

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.12.19 PMso why didn’t anyone tell me desean jackson hung with alleged gang members?
*crosses him off list asap*
i don’t do ragga.
well desean,
one of the popular baller wolves on the eagles,
got released this week.
i’m shocked.
the f-bi who sent it to me is shocked.
hell everyone is shocked.
the shocking news is the company he keeps that may hold him back…
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News At 11: Why Every Hate Crime is NOT A Hate Crime

You know the story.
Gay guy gets jumped by a group of guys.
Everyone starts screaming “HATE CRIME” and we go after the attacker’s heads.
But, the story of Brandon White is a little… different.

Ya’ll gon’ LEARN today…

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