News At 11: Why Every Hate Crime is NOT A Hate Crime

You know the story.
Gay guy gets jumped by a group of guys.
Everyone starts screaming “HATE CRIME” and we go after the attacker’s heads.
But, the story of Brandon White is a little… different.

Ya’ll gon’ LEARN today…




Brandon got some activists involved,
but come to find out…

Yes he did!


 I did not see that twist coming at all.
Then again, this is ATL we are talking about.
Brandon turned out to be a Jackal wearing Fox fur.
Not only embarrassed himself, but all the people who were fighting for him.


I want to say it serves those D/L Wolves right…
but I am SURE you already read my mind.
They were trying to snatch that phone because I AM SURE…
that video would have been on Rude, Xtube, and PeepMyPorn.

I am glad it happened tho.
Don’t get mad when a Jackal or Hyena do what he do.
No sympathy for any parties involved over here.

SIDEBAR: Did he fuck ALL of them?
Or, one of them? 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

50 thoughts on “News At 11: Why Every Hate Crime is NOT A Hate Crime”

  1. Oh hell no, fuck that shit. I’m mad as hell now. I felt so sorry for this dude when I seen the video of him getting jumped. SMH. He knew those dudes. He caught one of them niggas doing some DL shit, and he wanted to expose them. We all know that flaming gays and DL gays do NOT get along.

    1. ^no they do get along Man.
      I’ll tell you why…

      When it comes to sex and “clock ability”,
      feminine Foxes, Jackals, and Hyenas are easier to get with and fuck.
      They all get along in private settings with DL Wolves.
      What these DL Wolves fail to realize is after that 1 hour of smashing,
      things on the other side are taken public.

      “OOOH GIRL LEMME SHOW YOU THIS TRADE I FUCKED…” and so on and so forth.

      When you look at the hidden videos found online…
      who is usually getting fucked?
      Who is usually fucking?
      The new thing is fucking your conquests and bragging about it.

      DL Wolves really need to be more careful.

      1. Yea people do need to be careful. Everybody knows that fem. dudes talk too much. What happens behind closed doors should stay there. Jamari, do you think all those dudes were on the DL? If so, then I’m shocked, they look so hood and raggedy. LOL.

  2. I live here in the ATL and know the people who run CHANGE, the organization that stood by this stunt queen. They let this boy stay in their house and people donated money because the ‘Po boy mama died and he was couch surfin in the hood. They felt sorry for him. He was never going to report the incident because of what we know now but since the lil tramp was gettin his life he lied and said he didnt know the boys. Now i dont condone violence but you dont blackmail people about their business especially if they gang bang. He could have been killed. These ATL boys are a mess so im not shocked. He is an insult to real victims of hate crimes.

    1. ^I totally agree.

      He made a mockery of it and showed that he was even more of a scam artist.
      Taping himself getting piped.
      Lying and receiving money and a roof over his head.
      He showed everyone who he was (and how a lot of gays operate).

      Question: do you know how everyone found out he lied?

  3. The problem with the “Brandon Whites” of the world is he is now known as “THE LIAR”.
    Google his name and WHOOP… there it is.
    So now you look like an asshole not only to the community,
    but everyone who took sympathy in his case.

  4. he probably was caught blabbing to one of his friends and it slipped. Its sad because NOW he has to live that down. You think gettin your ass beat for the whole world to see was bad, now everyone knows you are a liar and can’t be trusted. I will pray for this dude for real. I hope they ALL learned a lesson..

  5. Further proof you can’t put anything past anyone.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Threatening to out someone is probably the most dangerous thing you can do. Once you even threaten to take away someone’s “security” they are capable of anything, that animal instinct kicks in.

    I think all parties got what they deserved.

  6. I knew something was off. It didn’t make sense to me… Gay bashing in ATL? There are too many of us walking around that city for there to be people who will openly hate like that. No one deserves to be beat like that however it isn’t okay to blackmail anyone. This is why you leave the DL types ALONE.

    1. He probably intentionally sought out these types of dudes though.

      I bet you’ll find some online profile with slutty pics of him where it says he is seeking thugs.

  7. Gay bashing still exist here in ATL. There was a case a couple months ago when two men were held at gun point and were beating and a couple of years ago, a pastor and his partner were harassed by teens in Peidmont Park of all places. You have gay thugs down here as well. You cant walk unarmed in Midtown after dark anymore…dont let the glitter fool ya..

    1. I was there for years and I never experienced thAt. Robberies are one thing. Getting gay based is another. I always felt safe in the cuter parts of the city.

  8. I just don’t get why all these dudes are running to ATL with no money, no jobs, and no prospect of jobs there.

    None of the recent graduates I know have even considered moving there because there aren’t really any jobs there. Dallas is supposed to be a good place to move after graduating.

    I know I’d be disowned if I moved there. Hell, my parents wouldn’t even let me finish the application for Morehouse. lol

    1. ^this “abundance of ultimate penis” is what moves A LOT of Foxes down there.
      I’ll just be honest.

      For our straight counterparts,
      They move because they want to get away from up north and they hear it is a “black Mecca”.

      1. But with that also brings a lot of competition. I’d assume it would be very competitive there. I wouldn’t even try to go to the barbershop on friday and saturday and you probably can’t find a gym anywhere. Lol

        My friend moved to the suburbs in the midwest with a big city close by and he loves it. He can go into the city, do his thing, and go back home. He’s really reaping the benefits of the top to bottom ratio there.

    2. Morehouse is a great institution, in all honesty. There’s no where else on earth you’re going to find so many young, black men, striving to better themselves. I really wish the stigma against the institution would go away because they’re really doing some great things at that school.

      But to answer the question. They run to Atlanta because they’re lost, confused souls looking to find themselves. They feel like they can’t be themselves anywhere else, so where else to go than a city known for it’s black gay population, amazing nightlife, and money?

      The problem is that a lot of them go to Atlanta without a real reason or plan.

      I was speaking to someone I used to dick down a few months ago and he was telling me how he wanted to go back to Atlanta. My question to him was, “Why?” He’s not in school there, doesn’t plan on enrolling, and doesn’t have the money to support himself. No matter what he says, I know the real reason is that he wants to go to Atlanta for the everyday dick access.

      1. Oh I know men who have graduated from Morehouse so I know its a great.

        I know had I went there back then I would’ve been humping like a rabbit so my parents knew best.
        Back then Id try anything once. Lol
        Ive never really cared for Atlanta though.

  9. Whether or not it was black mail or not it is still a HATE crime! And no one deserved what happened to Brandon White. Even though the young guy lied about knowing them, why does this new information cause them not to stand behind Brandon? He did, at the end of the day, still get beat up because of homophobia…and his open sexual orientation. I’m not supporting outing someone but I am not supporting violent behavior especially against someone who is just like you! It was stupid as hell for those DL punks to even have it videotaped and even more stupid to have the attack recorded, as well!

    “I hate you because you make it impossible for me to hide, live within my own private shame, and continue to reap the rewards of my complicity with a heterosexist, gender-policed world.” – Why DL Guys (LIKE THE MONSTERS WHO BEAT BRANDON) Hate Open Gay Guys

    Homosexuals CAN commit hate crimes against other homosexuals. When you’re shouting “Beat down this faggot!” as you’re brutally attacking someone, your own sexual orientation is LEGALLY IMMATERIAL. – Son of Baldwin

    “We DESPISE effeminate homosexual men because they are mirrors and we REVERE masculine homosexual men because they are closed blinds.” – This exactly what this blog represents!

    What is wrong with you all?! The ignorance and self-hatred in the comments posted and the author’s stance are RIDICULOUS! Where is the love and compassion and sympathy for ALL of your gay brothers and sisters. Clearly homophobia, misogyny, and sexist attitudes as done quite the damage on the very people they oppress (each everyone of gay guys in this forum) and you all have internalized it! WOW! Just wow!

    1. ^i see where you are coming from TJ,
      I do,
      And I will be the first to admit if I am wrong…

      But I am not.

      Brandon had the whole world sympathizing with him and he ended up looking like a scam artist.
      Yes, those DL “punks” were wrong for their slurs…
      But Brandon was WRONG also.
      He caused an action that ended with a reaction.
      This is not a hate crime.
      Brandon fucked up and got his ass beat for holding information about someone over their heads.
      Same way if he was straight,
      He would have dealt the same fate.

      Who is to say he did not tape them secretly?
      They could very well be the victims,
      But we refuse to see that because “down low” is in their title.

      Luckey also stated he was accepting money and milking this for what it is worth.
      So no,
      I have no sympathy for him OR them.

      Them: watch who you fuck.
      Him: watch who you blackmail.

    2. You finished? Good.

      Sexuality really doesn’t play a role in my opinion on this. If you’re bold enough to blackmail anyone about anything, you should be prepared for consequences period!

      He lied for a reason.

      If this was an unprovoked beat down I would understand where you’re coming from, but clearly all individual involved are sketchy at best so I can’t muster up much sympathy for anyone.

    3. Calm down TJ, calm it down. You don’t get what we’re saying. This was NOT A HATE CRIME. Brandon knew these niggas personally. He obtained a cell phone with information that three men who jumped him found threatening, they wanted it, Brandon didn’t want to give it to them and they were going to get it. How would you like it if some had a video recording of you participating in a sexual act without your consent? You would want to fight wouldn’t you? If someone had a video of me sexing down anothing nigga without my consent, I would ask nicely for the phone, if I didn’t get it, I would beat their ass down to a pulp regardless of sexuality. What do mean by; ” Where is the love and compassion and sympathy for ALL of your gay brothers and sisters.” Do all straight people like eachother?,NO. What in your mind makes you think that all gay people should like eachother?

    4. What your saying might be true because I agree with you to some extent, however, you are clearly out of context here.

      Brandon had no right disrespecting all of those people (his attackers before and his defenders after) regardless of what happened. Personally, gay, bi, straight or whatever…if you were to blackmail me I too would draw up similar consequences to protect myself. Everyone has a right to whether they want their PERSONAL business private or public. Be it so that they were in fact DL engaging homosexual tendencies…there is no crime in having sex now is there?

      Brandon committed the very first offense whether that is filming without the other party’s consent or knowledge or spreading their personal business.

      Don’t try to victimize this dude because at the end of the day he was at fault, at least, the majority of it.

  10. I will never understand what is going on in the minds of these unexperienced and attention craved hyenas and jackals.. I mean seriously a smart fox would duplication the information and surrender the phone, and not open my mouth about it to anyone. HELLO?

    I mean I’m sure if you trickin like your clearly were than you can buy yourself another one. Furthermore I think he fucked all of them at once otherwise it would have been a one on one fight. Like I dont think these dudes would disclose them fuckin a niggah and “him” at that to another unless they all participated. Lessons to take from this, dont lie, dont talk so much and just give them the phone.

  11. In situations like this, it helps to not only understand the general idea of any law, but to fully understand the wording of the bill itself. In determining what is and what isn’t a hate crime, it’s a bit difficult mainly because there are so many variations of hate crime laws. Generally, a hate crime is defined as “…a criminal offense committed against a person, property or society which is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin.”

    Notice nowhere in the definition does it say anything specifically about the victim. The law is based, primarily, on the offender and their own bias. This is why the interpretation of the offender’s motivation is important. It could be said they attacked Brandon because of revenge, but it could also be argued that the source of that revenge was a deep seeded self-hatred and bias against homosexuality (whether due to societal pressures or otherwise), which is pretty typical of downlow, homosexual men. The problem is that proving this is actually the case takes work and most prosecutors are not trying to do that much work to prove whether or not an attack is a hate crime (especially not on a case as imperfect as this).

    That said, I have mixed feelings.

    On one hand, he was still attacked and violence should never be promoted, no matter the circumstances.
    But on the other hand, I feel like he deserved it. When you deal with closeted men, you’re running a risk. You’re accepting a temporary sexual arrangement on their terms. A lot of these cunts out here deal with these hardcore, downlow men so they can brag about having one. But at the end of the day, that man has his own issues and wanting to be claimed by you publicly is the least of his concerns. By threatening to out him, in his mind, you’re threatening his well being.

    You’re dealing with an insecure man, afraid of his own sexuality, and then you have the nerve to record it and TELL him you not only recorded it, but that you’re going to go around showing people? Even if they weren’t down low, that would be grounds for an asswhooping.

    That said, I feel the closeted men got what was coming to them (as far as being outed). I could have clocked Brandon from a mile away. He’s the exact type of homosexual I keep at arms length. This is the man they chose to sleep with and they chose him because he was easy. What these “downlow” men don’t realize is that while they’re messing with these “sissy boys”, expecting their business to stay private, these same cunts are going out bragging to any Tom, Dick, and Harry that will listen, the new “trade” they just snagged.

    And what happened in the end?
    They were outed anyway.
    Brandon is now seen as a liar.
    And none of them are any better off than they were before.

  12. JAY :
    Oh I know men who have graduated from Morehouse so I know its a great.
    I know had I went there back then I would’ve been humping like a rabbit so my parents knew best.
    Back then Id try anything once. Lol
    Ive never really cared for Atlanta though.

    I’m glad you said this because your earlier post had me wondering if your parents were aware of your sexual preference back in high school. This clears that up.

  13. JAY :
    Oh I know men who have graduated from Morehouse so I know its a great.
    I know had I went there back then I would’ve been humping like a rabbit so my parents knew best.
    Back then Id try anything once. Lol
    Ive never really cared for Atlanta though.

    Oh, I thought you were saying you didn’t finish the application because of the negative perceptions of the school. It’s all good Jay. <3

    ….about these things you are willing to try once… 😉

    1. Lol I’ve done some things , but the problem is I approached everything like an experiment… much so I didn’t really get to enjoy it.

  14. JAY :
    Lol I’ve done some things , but the problem is I approached everything like an experiment… much so I didn’t really get to enjoy it.

    We’ll work through that when we get married.

  15. These dudes probably knew & consented to the video when it happened cuz they were running a train on that n*gga & showing off for their boyz. It wasn’t until Brandon got his feelings hurt – and probably realized he was just some azz for the night when things got messy (well, messier). I don’t have sympathy for someone who lied like that & tried to blackmail people. However you feel about d/l dudes, this was consensual sex between adults, so…

    How about you just don’t record your sexual exploits? And if you choose to, make sure you have all the copies…

  16. JAY :
    Shittt, I’m not above fighting over what I want and I should warn you I have no reservations about fighting dirty.
    None. At. All.

    Look, fighting dirty is the only way I know how to do it *shrug* lol

  17. Well I’m going to say this no one truly knows what took place or why he even threatened to out them on cam it could have been that they may have stole from him or did some foul shit that trade niggas do. I don’t condone any act of violence on anyone for any reason especially jumping someone that clearly was unable to defend himself against one of them. They ass need to be locked up an he should be more careful Jamari have dealt with trade and have considered outing they ass only because of the foul shit they can do and it has nothing to do with sex or them not paying anyone attention most of them are theives.

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