LaRon Landry BETTER Not Have Penis Shrinkage Now!

Yesterday I was watching ESPN and damn near dropped my bowl of Lucky Charms.

They featured my Ultimate Wolf,
LaRon Landry,
looking like he should be competing in a WWF competition.
Either that or he is trying to casted in the new Incredible Hulk remake.
That mofo is BIGGER. 

That is one tackle I would up for…

Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry has been well known for his physical conditioning over the years, however a recent photo he tweeted of himself has caused quite a stir on Twitter today.

The 27-year-old’s physique has not helped him stay on the football field, however. Over the past three seasons he has only played in 32 out of 48 potential games for the Redskins.

In 2011, Landry was forced out for the season with an injured Achilles tendon. Instead of receiving surgery on the injury, as doctors had suggested, Landry chose to undergo a “Biological Matrix” stem cell treatment on the wound.


Isn’t he TOO big?
Especially for the position he plays?
Shit, not that I have an issue with it.
I like him looking like he could bench press my ass (in more ways than one).

Hey LaRon…

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17 thoughts on “LaRon Landry BETTER Not Have Penis Shrinkage Now!”

  1. Damn he’s big, why does he look like that? I bet he has a muscle dick too. Listen Jamari, when he gets done with you your foxhole aint gonna have no walls LMAO…. He looks like he puts in 8 hours and overtime.

    1. ^crazy?

      i may be like Vain and say i would not mind…
      unless he plans on slap boxing me because i didnt turn a light off or some other crazy shit.
      thennnnnnnn…. i’ll keep our union “light”.

  2. As nice as all that looks… I feel like I he got angry, the possibility that you might not live is 86%!! But I’d still give it a go!

  3. Honestly, he’s too big for me and he’s definitely too big for the position he plays on the field. The whole point of a safety is his ability to move on the field because he’s basically the last line of defense. He needs to slim down.

  4. omg007 :
    So true he may can tackle the hell out of somebody but his size kills his movement

    Exactly. And there’s no point in being able to tackle if you can’t catch them to begin with. Might as well be a lineman.

  5. Dude is too big….wtf? I dont like muscle dudes….they either have hard cakes or no cakes at all….i need cakes that move…

  6. Crazy or not that man is so FUCKING FINE!! Good lord!!! What is the purpose of being that gorgeous??? Too big you say? I don’t give a damn!! Is anybody paying attention? They don’t make them like this often!

    Marry me!!

  7. I’m already at all the Redskins games in the skybox, I need to find a way to the locker room and climb that body ASAP!

  8. All those injuries & that body doesn’t bode well for this being ‘natural’ growth. His nuts might be the size of raisins…roid rage anyone?

    But all ya’ll see is massive muscles, so…go ahead – get cracked like wishbone

  9. Great body, I hope it’s natural
    Because if he’s been doing steroids, it’s going to be all shrinkage-n-rage issues.
    He looks like a human bouncing castle.
    However, does he have the cakes to match?

    Btw, his brother is manlier.
    I’d marry his brother and cheat on him with LaRon 😉

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