I Can’t See You (But You’re Still There)

i can understand blocking someone.
i loved they even introduced that feature on my iphone.
if someone is harassing you,
then block their ass into the next dimension.
i don’t see the point on a social media account tho.
if you sign out your blocked account,
you can still see what’s on the blocker’s timeline.
this “mute” option?

if that ain’t the most passive aggressive shit ever.
social media should be ashamed in even introducing that feature.
if you don’t want to see people on your timeline,
here is a bright idea


simple as that.
i’m not with the shits.
if i don’t want you on my list,
then you’re gone.
i think muting is bitch like.
it shows me how you handle shit in real life.
the type that likes to ghost and all that nonsense.
it let’s me know to stay away.

Am I wrong in thinking this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Can’t See You (But You’re Still There)”

  1. It works well for people that have private accounts lol. But as for people that have public socials, I have never understood blocking people.

    1. ^celebs blocking is stupid.
      the blockee can still see their timelines.
      if they can’t take the heat then stop being celebs.

      if they’re being harassed,
      then that’s another story.

  2. it’s like straight wolves not wanting to be featured.

    stop working out,
    stop walking your face,
    and become ugly.

    that will solve alla that.

  3. I actually love the mute feature, but I use it for trolls. For whatever reason, they get their life once they see that they’ve been blocked. It’s like a high to them. So now when a troll enters my mentions on Twitter, at least, I’ll block. They continue to troll and I don’t have to be worried with it.

    It never dawned on me to mute people I actually follow though.

  4. You’re not wrong. Cause if you ghost me.. I’ll never talk to you again via internet, cell phone or in real life. You’ll be a stranger.

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