Your Questions About Jeramie Hollins Meat Maybe Answered

so some of the foxhole asked


i haven’t deep dived in his drawz so i wouldn’t know.
as you know,
he is ( x carrying a legit log ride ) that requires a height requirement.
well a foxholer sent me something that answered all our questions.
this is a #tbt of jeramie…

that may have answered that.
i still wouldn’t stick that thing inside me,
but i congratulate the vixen who is getting open off it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Your Questions About Jeramie Hollins Meat Maybe Answered”

  1. He is honestly the best. I tried to send him to you 4 months ago but I think I did it wrong but I’m glad you got him in the foxhole now.

  2. He’s definitely got it everywhere body face penis booty skin everything but yeah that’s just too much for me. Im sure a size queen would love to take that.

  3. Who says he’s straight??? Lol C’mon now. ,..and even if he is…..Don’t mean he’s not down. Something to ponder tho

    1. Right. I get vibes from him that he isn’t straight all the way. Just little nuances that I pick up for time to time on his IG.

  4. Hopefully, he does not get sued for whoever he hurts with that thing. It looks pretty massive.

  5. Met him in Miami. He was around a bunch of gay dudes during ABFF. He’s handsome AF. Short though. About 5’6

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