Lamont Johnson is The Prototype

add an “oh” on top of that tatt.
beard gang.
tatt gang.
hair gang.
wolf gang?
everyone meet lamont johnson from atlanta.
a foxholer sent me him for review and i legit screamed when i saw him.
here are some more shots…


110% yes!
he is a beautiful wolf.
as you can already tell,
lamont is a model,
but he also does personal training.
here is shows us how he gets that bawdy the way it is:

my insides are on fire.

that is the prototype of what i need in me my life.

lowkey: he looks different.
he looks like something from dubai.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Lamont Johnson is The Prototype”

  1. No wonder he reminded of Odell Beckham …he’s from NOLA too. I swear alot of these NOLA black men have this exotical flare too them .

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