When Karaoke Gives You An “A-Ha” Moment About Racial Issues

like the foxhole,
always has a way of making me see another side of things.
if i didn’t,
i’d always be ignorant.
we were having a discussion about the whole ( x evan klinger ) situation today.
i believed the snow jackal was wrong.
she believed both were wrong.
this is what she said…

“just because one person’s weight is 300 pounds,
and another is 500 pounds,
doesn’t mean one is less fat.
she called him a derogatory statement first.
his was way out of line,
but she shouldn’t have addressed him by his race.
what if she didn’t react the way she did?
would he have responded to her?”

she also went on to say we as blacks need to stop doing “that”.
“that” being singling out every white because a few happen to be assholes.
she posed a question to me:

“i want you to think about this for a second.
think about all the things a snow jackal has done negatively to you.
racism aside,
but all the things that happen at your jobs.
liar liar is black and she was a complete bitch.
the vp’s assistant is white and she still speaks highly of you.

so now think about all the things black jackals have done to you.
white jackals.
black jackals.
it’s the same thing…”

she is right.
i have had my own fuck me over just as a snow jackal.
i’m sure i’ve said “that’s fucked up” when it’s done to me by my own,
but when a snow jackal does it,
i’m ready to call the entire race out.
she ended:

“grimy is grimy.
blacks can be grimy.
whites can be grimy.
hispanics can be grimy.
asians and indians.
there are grimy jackals and hyenas in all races,
including our own people.

this is how racism keeps going.
when we don’t address individuals for their ignorance than the whole race.”

well she told me,
didn’t she?
i don’t want to live a life where i’m always on edge.
a dumb ass is a dumb ass,
doesn’t matter what race they are…


lowkey: i also asked her thoughts on that “all lives matter”…

“black lives matter is and will always be a thing.
there are those who use their positions in power to harm others.
others being black people.
there is no all lives matter when someone of color is dead by a police officer.”

we share the same stance.

14 thoughts on “When Karaoke Gives You An “A-Ha” Moment About Racial Issues

  1. This argument is stupid because we live in a system of white supremacy…identifying someone as a “white” anything when they are classified as white isn’t a pejorative…his classification allows him to have thousands of privileges every day so someone calling him white in a system of white supremacy isn’t NEARLY on the level of calling someone a “Cambodian nigger”…the power that the white boy has in the society makes his hate far more dangerous than the other person….

  2. According to the video, he called her a bitch first. That was the first reference to a derogatory word. But that is not my actual point. Judging someone by their ethnicity is not the real issue here. The problem I had with the mother was he confronting the man in the first place. This was not about right versus wrong. Instead, it was about the safety of her and her daughter. She didn’t know what he had with him in that car. A knife. A baseball bat. A gun.

    Remember the name Bianca Nikol Roberson. Bianca Nikol Roberson had just left a mall where she’d been shopping for new clothes for college. Her car and a red pickup truck tussled on the road and now she’s dead in what police are calling a road rage incident. Roberson, in her green 2009 Chevrolet Malibu, and the suspect in the pickup truck were traveling along Route 100 in West Goshen, Pennsylvania, just west of Philadelphia on Wednesday evening. The officers who initially believed they were responding to a serious car accident quickly realized Roberson had suffered a gunshot wound to the head, West Goshen Police said in a statement. “They were jostling for a position or whatever. And unfortunately this gentleman took it to a degree that was just unconscionable,” West Goshen Police Chief Joe Gleason said to CNN affiliate WPVI . After the cars collided, Roberson’s car left the roadway and hit a tree. Witnesses describe the driver of the red pickup as “a white male, 30 to 40 years of age, blonde hair and a medium build.” On 7/2/2017 the West Goshen Township Police and the Chester County Detectives arrested David Desper of Traner, PA for the Murder of Bianca N Roberson.
    On 7/2/2017 Desper turned himself in through his attorney. Also recovered was the red pick up truck used in the incident and the suspected murder weapon.

    I bring this example up to show how crazy crazy can get. The bicyclist mom did not know what could have been waiting for her on the inside of that car. Sometimes in life you have to just count your blessings and move on. There is no shame in walking away from potential trouble. She and her daughter lived to see another day. You can’t get mad at that. I think that she was stupid because the man was an obvious asshole and things could have gone south real fast. She was fortunate this time around. The next time could be terrible.

    I am not here to pick a fight. I just wanted to point out the bigger picture.

    1. I agree with Jay on this. I think one of the tools of white supremacy is for black people to focus on the individual and the individual’s mindset rather than the mindset of the overall collective group. There are bad apples in every race, no one is disputing that. But the average black person growing up has been warned about white people by thier parents. Take away a white person’s privilege and see how they act. We as black people do not have the time to figure out who among them is good or is bad. There is a reason why brothas who don’t know eachother nod to eachother in the street. There’s a reason why the blacks talk to eachother on a more comfortable level in a predominately white workplace. We need to stop focusing on if people like us or want to include us, but rather what can we do to uplift our community and how we can make our neighborhoods a safe place for the next generation.

      History doesn’t lie and it bears witness to how they act. We can’t turn a blind eye to all of the atrocities they’ve done to everyone that didn’t look like them for the sake of political correctness.

      1. Exactly. I feel like there is a divine reason why we are alive to see the first black President and then to witness Donald Trump take office.

        A white person will never be a victim to me and that’s just what it is.

        Even at their lowest they take pride in feeling superior to us.

        I wouldn’t even throw a black person under the bus at work, even if they would do it to me. White people are amused when we fight each other to impress them because they would never do that.

  3. My mistrust for white people and my tendency not to trust someone simply because they’re black are not mutually inclusive.

    With the current state of America, I don’t see how any black person would trust a white person.

    They are still passive or active in your oppression. They’ll never be victims to me.

    1. ^she isn’t saying they are victims,
      but how can you condone a whole race if a few act up?
      even if the few are 100+?
      blacks have a tendency to tear each other down,
      not support each other,
      and betray for the sake of easy wealth and riches.
      do we stop fuckin’ with us too?
      that means don’t trust anyone.
      i’ll give everyone the benefit the doubt and if you hang yourself,
      you hang yourself.

      1. I can condemn a whole race when all a white person has to do is lie on me or be intimidated and I can potentially be thrown in prison or beaten by the police. My degree, clean record, and business casual outfit will not absolve me either.

        Physically imposing, dark skinned men like myself have to be careful in majority white spaces and don’t have the luxury of trusting white people.

        Maybe its a southern thing though.

        Do I have to coexist with white people? Yes, it’s their world, but even the coolest white person that knows every Kendrick Lamar song has white privilege and that’s to the detriment of people of color. We can’t afford to forget that.

        I don’t automatically trust black people either, but they get the benefit of a doubt before white people. All races should feel some innate kinship between each other and if you don’t feel that you should ask yourself why.

        I find that anytime blacks tear each other down, especially in the workplace, they’re usually trying to ingratiate themselves to white people above them.

        That’s just my opinion though.

  4. She does have a good head on her shoulders, I agree with what she said. I don’t like racism period I don’t go around thinking “oh this person is white so I automatically can’t trust them or they’re automatically going to think of me in a certain way”. Until you give me reason to believe anything like that I’m going to give you the same respect I expect to be given back.

    I have worked for and around many different races and I have seen nasty in many different forms, genders, and ages.

    1. ^i think we forget that our own can be just as mean and hurtful.

      i shouldn’t even like black men the way they treated me growing up.
      i was bullied,
      and damn near harassed by my own.
      all for being myself and “different”.
      that doesn’t mean i won’t stop looking for a good one.

      1. She’s been consistent on that front. Seems like she hasa a good head on her shoulders.

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