Justus Pickett Gives Me Wild, Wild, Wild…

justus pickett is sexy af.
can i just say i love his hair?
ever since he started pursuing this modelling thing heavy

…he has been on my radar lowkey.
he gets a lot of views on the foxhole ig.
i definitely want to see more of him tho.
one thing i have to say is he is determined.
i admire that in a wolf.
not to mention he just graduated college:

smart and sexy.

i’d love that as a summer snack,

lowkey: i wonder if he is going to do acting or follow his degree?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Justus Pickett Gives Me Wild, Wild, Wild…

  1. I think he should strike now while the iron is hot, but keep up with what ever he went to school for. Good looking men with bodies are everywhere if he wants to act he should consider taking some classes.

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