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how to jerk and suck at the same time (literally at the same time)

giving great head is a skill we have to practice on.
giving head is not a dainty job.
you gotta get nasty and be covered in your own slobber by the end of it.

you literally gotta attack the peen with your mouth,
┬ájerkin’ at the right time,
jerkin’ and suckin’,
while showing no mercy to his sanity.
this attentionista showed us her suck and jerk combo for her onlyfans…

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grab him by the dick (at a baseball game)

when i get my wolf,
i’m gonna secretly grab his dick in public.
cause i’m a freak and i can.
well a foxholer sent me the following video sent me a dick grab at a baseball game.

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f0xmail: jamari, would you slob your man down in public?


This is a Ask Jamari question on PDA.

Some background: I was with a group of friends and associates of about 10 latin, black, multi-racial, in and out of the closet, feminine up to masculine and one of them let’s call him Jay who is dl masculine wolf ask everyone how they felt about pda (public displays of affection) between men such as holding hands, hugging, and kissing. He of course said even if he wanted to he’d never do it in public due to social norms etc. Another said he came from a home with no pda, nobody ever said I love you so he was uncomfortable doing it or somebody doing it to him in public. The answers varied but the one who surprised everybody was _____ who was a drug dealer when he was young, went to prison after killing a guy who gave him a date rape drug then went to college and now holds a phd. True sports addict and no one ever believes he’s into men. I’ve seen women be irate when they try to hit on him and he tells them he’s not interested and he likes men only. Well, he said at 17 he told his mom and family…does not use gay to describe himself but loves a male relationship solely. Well, he has no problem with pda at all in public whether initiating or being the receiving party. I’ve gotten more comfortable with some forms of it but for me it’s a time and place as I feel you have to be present in your environment. You may want to show your love but you have to use common sense as well. Overall, most men of color seem to be uptight about it so I was wondering how you felt about it.

So, if a guy you were involved with wanted to holds hands, hug you, or kiss you in public how would you react?

No limitations…some limitations…not allow it, etc


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the cost of being called out about something you should already know

i don’t like to think i know everything.
Lord knows i’m a virgin at a lot of things,
but i like to learn new shit to help me improve.
even if i’m called out and gotta look foolish.
so a few weeks ago,
i went out with my home vixen to a nice happy hour spot.
i wanted some fries and i asked the waitress…

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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (80)

*the following is parental advisory.
that means ya mama and daddy wouldn’t want you watching

there is a thrill when it comes to fuckin’ in public.
the adrenaline of “not wanting to get caught” is quite the aphrodisiac.
this is not what i had in mind via an f-bi
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