Is Big Sean The “Horniest” Rapper of all Time?


Every other performance with him is dry humping the air.
Yet, all we can look at is his dance (a$$).

16 thoughts on “Is Big Sean The “Horniest” Rapper of all Time?

  1. assss ass ass assss wondering..’straight dudees’ attend these concerts too…right? and they get wet too….right?

    1. This makes me second guess about what I said in my comment above. I’m in love with that ASS. LOL

      Here’s the real question. Do you guys think he gets down? I’m starting to believe he just might because he shows his ass on purpose. The other rappers don’t even show their ass like he does. I think that if a man wants to sag, he should do it in boxers because his ass won’t be as defined.

      1. That’s hard to say, because the current generation of dudes who “sag” take it to the extreme. Back in the 90’s, dudes usually had on baggy jeans, loose drawers, and their was covered. Dudes like Big Sean wear semi-snug jeans and drawers that really show off the shape of their booty.(and have the nerve to wear a belt) I don’t get it either, but I will continue to enjoy the view. *kanyeshrug*

  2. YngBlkWolf :
    I just wanna know if he’s really ‘Big’ Sean…I’m asking for a friend lol

    He claims to be. But you know how men lie on their d!cks, so “IT” remains to be seen. Be sure to tell your “friend” to keep the receipt in case you, I mean he/she, needs to return/exchange it.

  3. Big Sean reminds me of the kid in high school who was kind of awkward and didn’t really get any ass.

      1. I just wanna know if he’s really ‘Big’ Sean…I’m asking for a friend lol

  4. Many of your readers may not remember these two, but I think that Luke and Too Short are/were the freakiest of all time.

  5. Nah, I think he’s alright. This song is hypersexual, it supposed to make a person wanna fuck, that’s all I get from it. I like him as an artist and I think he has a lot of talent. I hope Sean knows that when Kayne gets in his forties and pretty much forgotten about that he’s expected to be the next top rapper of GOOD music.

    S/N: I just realized the other day that his ass is not as fat as I thought. When he sags he just wears his jeans right under his ass, and wears the belt extra tight, which gives the illusion that he has a fat ass but he doesn’t. LOL. I’m sure when his pants drop to his ankles it’s a whole nother story.LOL. I wonder if he knows how fat his ass looks when he sags tho?

    1. Oh yeah, he knows. These dudes know exactly how their azz looks in stuff like this…he’s madd tiny tho.

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