I Blew My Own Back Out Yesterday… and I Was A Boring Lay.

I have to give it to Vixens.
I reaaaaalllllly have to give it to Vixens….

A Vixen will have 2 kids,
2 jobs,
and could be sick as hell or missing a damn limb…
but, she will make sure dinner is fixed and the kids are okay.

I always heard stories about grandmothers being Superwoman.
Being able to handle so many issues,
while still dealing with their 50-11 kids.

I am a Fox who when he is sick,
I am a major baby.

I am a huge baby.
I won’t even lie to anyone about that.
I could have the slightest pain and be freaking out.
I am not good with being sick at all.

I took a nap yesterday and woke up to my back hurting like shit.
I don’t do any heavy lifting,
or am I playing any contact sports so I do not understand why my back is hurting like this.

I am able to still moving around,
but my upper back is on fiyaaahhhh.
Sometimes I feel like the pain in my arm.
One thing it is off and on,
which I hate.


Is there any good remedies to help with back pain?

21 thoughts on “I Blew My Own Back Out Yesterday… and I Was A Boring Lay.

  1. I agree w/iceed – upper back sounds like stress; lower back is from lifting injuries. Stretch out the muscles & apply heat. Take an Epson salt balt (hot water). You may need to see someone to work out those muscles for you as well; a good massage therapist or chiropractor (Depending on if you still have insurance)

    1. ^I did some investigating last night.
      This all started when I started taking Allegra for allergies last week.
      Come to find out….
      Allegra has bad side effects which include back pain.
      I ran out of it yesterday and will monitor if it goes away in a day or two.

      1. Oh yeah, those nonsedating allergy drugs or no joke. I stay away from Allegra and Zyrtec. Allegra dries me out too much and Zyrtec makes me feel like a zombie. Claritin and its generics is the only thing without any side effects.

  2. yea or you can rotate them…. when I get up in the morning i take a multivitamin and the fish oil. and then the next morning ill take a vitamin C and B12, Go to your local vitamin shop, theyre great with assisting you on what youll need. I guarantee when you start taking them youll feel like a million bucks…

  3. Multivitamins and fish oil capsuls, omegas, vitamin C, trust me the older you get u need these to stay feeling young… my dad always told me that, and he’s 52 and has the body of a god… #pause… So I listen to wisdom.

    1. Ummm…more about dad. please! J/K. I hope I attain the same look when I reach that age.

  4. Back pain is the worst and most unconfortable, annoying pain a person could possibly have. Maybe you should take some Aleve. I’ve heard that is very good for back pain. Just take it easy until your back heals and you’ll be fine.

    1. ^i just got some Aleve just now so I’m about to chill for the rest of the night.
      i was scared i was getting paralyzed.
      (i know. i reach lol)

  5. icy hot, bengay, hot towel, cold shower, popick your choice. Maybe you slept wrong?

    1. Nah he slept on it right lol. He let some some nigga get his back out of whack. Us wolves don’t care about how much pain you foxes are in during sex as long as we get ours. LOL…..j/k.

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