Ex Video Vixen BLOWS The Lid Off The Hard Truth

Much of what she says below, it is pretty common sense.
Those who don’t, I figured it would be a good watch & learn.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c5lojA-5lw]

I know a ton of video chicks who are lesbians…
and a majority of them are BROKE as hell.

There is no money in Urban modeling.
High fashion “your ass is in Vogue and walking in Fashion Week” is where the dollars is at.
Sadly, a big donkey ass and big torpedo tits isn’t allowed on the runway so…

It is sad how social media has made things so different.
She was speaking truth though.
I felt she spoke for any career in the entertainment industry.
I know so many “UN-official escorts” using sex to make it.

“You not getting shit til he stick his dick in that.”

Even the Vixens who are on top backstage are PIMPS.
The game has changed so much from how it was back in the day.
It is impossible to be that “star” because everyone is trying to be one.
Too many models, singers, rappers, video vixens…
and any other career that you have to sell yourself or sell out.
Sad part is, half these people don’t have the IT factor.
So they are running around lying and frontin’ to keep up a fake image.
I would NEVER want to be an attention whoring celebrity.
I’m not about that life.

It is so sad… but very entertaining.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Ex Video Vixen BLOWS The Lid Off The Hard Truth”

  1. It’s so sad, but I believe every word. Especially the part about new models messing up the industry.
    I think it was Melyssa Ford who said, relatively, the same thing.

  2. Wow who would ever think a video vixen would be so articulate. She has a very compelling speaking voice that draws you in, she should pursue motivational speaking, or become a evangelist.

  3. Her teeth looks fucked up. She dint have dental insurance or save up some guap for a dentist… Damn

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