Breezy Wolf Tells KoKoPops She Isn’t Invited To His 3some

He could NOT have done this basic shit to me….


Did he whistle to her?

Her face said it all.
Ima need KokoDorm to get some self esteem for her muthafuckin’ self!
But when your Wolf is paying your bills and giving you a certain lifestyle,
you got to eat his shit and smile as you swallow.

She should put some exlax in his breakfast.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Tells KoKoPops She Isn’t Invited To His 3some”

  1. That’s what happens when you trade sugar for shit.

    Chris Brown is young (hard to believe, but he’s not even 25 yet), unlimited resources, and a crew of “Yes”-men. He believes he can get any girl made available to him.

    And he’s probably right.

  2. This is why I don’t respect Brezzy at all. I know Karrueche is dumb for tolerating this behavior from him, but how could Chris treat her this way, I just don’t get it. If he wants to play around with other women, why won’t he just cut Karrueche loose and forget it? I think she tolerates this behavior from him because of his fame and his money, but at the same time she’s also losing her dignity and her self respect. She gorgeous as hell in my opinion and I believe that if she wants to date someone in the industry, she damn sure can find someone better than Chris Brown.

    Robyn Fenty would not have tolerated this behavior and that is a fact. She plays no games.

  3. We don’t know exactly why she stays, but she stays. He may or may not be shelling out funds, good D!CK, etc. We cannot say for certain.

    Whatever you allow, it will continue to be done to you. That is all.

  4. man age has nothing to do with it and im not about to believe this shit it could be a misunderstanding

  5. y’all don’t know where they were going after, we don’t know if it was a 3some or orgy or not, people kill me thinking they know these celebrities lives? what if they were just going to a party after,

    all y’all wanna be a celebrities side piece and you’ll act like once that occurs your gonna be the only one. we don’t even know if they are in a real relationship, we don’t know shit about their lives, they don’t explain, all you see if the vacations and paparazzi pics. shit ya asses down.

    wit this mentality you’ll never bag a baller, this i can promise you

    1. Where there is smoke there is fire. No we don’t know if they’re in a real relationship or not, but from what we see that his girlfriend. I have seen a few pics of them kissing and holding hands. You’re right, no we don’t know how celebs live their lives, but outsiders are so naive to what goes on in the entertainment industry. People in the industry have even said that themselves. That’s why when these stories about celebs come out about them cheating on their spouses, same-sex relationships, and physical abuse, people end up looking stupid and silly. I don’t know about everybody else, but I do not want to be a celebs side piece, I don’t want to be with one period. I don’t have the mentally for that. Just the thought of women pushing up on my man when I’m not around is too much for me. I would prefer to be with a person outside of the industry because it’s probably about a 70% percent chance that I have that person all to myself.

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