Jamari Fox Is A Dumbass. Yes, You Read Right.

so i’ve been going to the gym.
gold star.
i have been on my gym flow,
almost every morning,
and i feel good and i feel energized.
i bought all kinds of healthy food to start the process.
i didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be,
but i  took everything you guys said to me seriously.
of course nothing stays perfect for long…

i caught myself being superfox.
i decided to lift a heavier weight.
well i did…
….and fucked up my back.
in mid-“whatever i was doing“,
i felt this pain shoot right up my shoulders.
that was my que to drop the weight and walked away.
ever since i waddled home,
i have been in pain all day.
i have to sit down like a pregnant woman.
i have to do a count off to get up.
i will admit sitting upright does help,
but can you imagine trying to SLEEP upright?
i didn’t sleep last night at all.
 i couldn’t move!
i had to take 5 sleeping pills just to go to bed.
imagine being in pain and drowsy?
not a good situation.
so every time i found myself adjusting,
my back politely reminded me what the situation was.
i woke up this morning with thoughts of being crippled,
which led to a nice panic attack moment i wasn’t ready for.

“am i going to die?”
“will i ever walk normal again?”
“will i always walk like i am 8 months pregnant?”
“will i ever have sex again?”
“will i even be flexible anymore?”
“will my towel rack be used as a handicap bar from now on?
since that’s what i’m using it for curently.”

that was all me this morning at 5am.
i tend to go completely left field when shit goes wrong.
i don’t even know if i want to go to the gym anymore.
i’m completely over it.
granted it was my fault,
but still.

lowkey: thank god when i was bored about two years ago,
and obviously my credit card was burning a hole in my wallet,
i randomly purchased a massaging doohickey for a chair.
it has 5 speeds,
and various functions.
i asked myself “what the hell did i need with a chair body massager?
boy how did that suddenly come in handy!?

9 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Is A Dumbass. Yes, You Read Right.

  1. Tryna do too much smh. Did you use a pre-workout bcuz C4 makes me feel like the Incredible Hulk. Granted I’m still slim….3 weeks in and I dont lift like a skinny fox no more

  2. Your not going to die Jamari, next time be careful babes, I go to the gym almost five days a week and I see a lot of guys that lift heavy weights and sometimes I wonder if I can do it, but I say, if you way below 190 pounds, id back away, lol cause insurance doesn’t cover everything. But, I think you should continue with your regular work out but later as you gain weight and gradually can lift more weight than you normally can, turn to heavier weights. We don’t want you breaking anything Fox, just be careful..

  3. Awww Jamari, you gotta be careful. We small boys can’t be doing all that heavy lifting..I hope you feel better..if I was there I would rub you down and have you lay up for a while #nohomo (always wanted to say that).

  4. Ibuprofen and heat is going to be your best friend, get a heating pad, and use your massage chair and you should be good in a couple of days, even the best of us experience these pains, I hurt my back 2 months ago doing a heavy leg exercise and it threw me off for 2 weeks but I bounced back and you will to. If you are just starting out and you are going to go heavy its always good to have a spotter. Just ask one of the big dudes in the gym to spot you, just tell them you are trying to get like them or blow their head up lol, they eat it up. Stick with light weights when you get back normal for a little longer and incorporate more body weight exercises, pushups, pullups etc until you get stronger and are able to tackle more weights. Check out this book called “You Are Your Own Gym” by Mark Lauren he has some kick ass routines just using your own bodyweight to really build up your body without even going to the gym, if you incorporate both methods you will get cut up in no time.

  5. LOL. Sorry for laughing but this is hilarious. Yea, like I said before you need a gym buddy. You better go back too.

      1. hire one that is sincerely about training, my boy was skinny af, got big and now charges ridikulous for “personal training” . Don’t hire a good looking one, go for an older and less attractive one, HE will get the work done for you and you’ll be all about work not pleasure, next thing you’re paying your pt to work you out in your room, not a good look

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