everything to make you put that extra cake or the bottle of henny down (big belly business)

during the battle between beenie man vs bounty killer on versuz,
the main talk was:

  1. How fucking amazing it was!
  2. The belly on Beenie Man

 beenie was a real slim wolf in his prime so i’m sure age had a lot to with it.

i’ve heard that overindulgence of alcohol starts to show up in your stomach first.
ive seen guys go from having abs to having serious beer bellies due to drinking high key.
that abusing hard likka will catch up to ya eventually.
i was wondering if this was the same situation with busta rhymes?
remember he was muscular thick back in the day?

he put up his recent weight loss journey on ig a few days ago..

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The Kardashians are Clapback Queens Now

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 5.24.51 PM the kardashians ain’t taking your shit anymore!
they are ‘thuggin ‘n’ thumbin” in these e-forests.
i guess this goes in line for their new season of bravery and confidence.
so “the big one” posted ^that picture above,
and of course,
someone(s) had something to say.
check out kim’s clapback
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Rob Kardashian Ate His Former Self (I Guess He Tastes Good)

rob-kardashian-kim-kardashian-2014-09-20happier times?
i know he hasn’t seen this size in years.
well rob kardashian has been eatin’ like its going out of style.
he emerged from his cave for a burger run and looked like this…
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Rob Kardashian Is A Brick House

335221-svetik^rob kardashian is a brick house.
oh wait!
wrong picture.
that is a picture from my vision board of cribs i’d like to live in.
naw this is the latest picture of rob kardashian,
headed to italy for that wedding “thing”…

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Jamari Fox Is A Dumbass. Yes, You Read Right.

so i’ve been going to the gym.
gold star.
i have been on my gym flow,
almost every morning,
and i feel good and i feel energized.
i bought all kinds of healthy food to start the process.
i didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be,
but i  took everything you guys said to me seriously.
of course nothing stays perfect for long…

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