How Gaining Weight Is Sending Potential Dick My Way

“have you put on weight?”

that is the dreaded sentence no one wants to hear.
when the pretty vixen said it to me the other day,
i wanted to crawl in a hole a die

it looks good on you.
it’s that healthy weight.
i can see it all in your face…”

i walked into duane reade to get my usual.


it was pouring and i had my rain gear on.
as i was walking towards the aisle,
this older snow wolf looks at me and did a double take.

“good morning…” he said.

at this point i’m like who is he talking too?
that’s the “new yawk” in me.
i said “good morning” back and kept it pushing.
i try not to be rude.
so when i got all my stuff,
i passed him and said,
“have a good day”.
he looks me in my eyes and said:

“you too.
stay dry…”

i could tell he was gay.
if he could have ripped my clothes off,
we’d be fuckin in aisle 1.
i don’t know what has been going on,
but i’m getting the most attention from both sexes.
wolves are lowkey checkin for me in the forests now.
i’ll pass by one and he’ll be all up in my face.
the vixens are flirting with me extra hard.
when i told the pretty vixen what has been happening…

cause you look healthy now!!!”

according to her,
i looked way too skinny.
she said that folks would assume “skinny = sick”.
i nearly threw up.
another vixen said the same thing to me.
she said:

i love this weight on you!!!
you look buff!!!”

i feel insecure about it because i’m use to being slimmer.
i knew my bawdy was changing with my tail.
my ass started getting more round and curved.
my thighs were next.
i’m still a size 32 waist,
but you can see it all when i wear sweats.
my stomach is where my biggest insecurity lies tho.
after i fell in the tub and hit my ribs,,
the top part of my stomach was swollen.
that injury is long been healed,
but i notice that i have a little pudge in my stomach now.
it also has that “swollen” look if i eat too much.


Β i started to starve myself so i could get “slimmer” again.
i had a flat stomach before,
but shit has changed ever since i fell.
i started doing sit ups in hopes to get rid of it.
other than that,
i guess i’m now “slim thick”.
i’m on a serious glo up.
my skin is looking much better now too.
this summer,
i want to bag a sexy wolf to knock the cobwebs off.
i’m in need to some dick.
that’s when i know the transformation will be complete.

lowkey: i have to be able to share my low points andΒ  highlight reels with the foxhole.
unlike the rest,
i’m not scared to be vulnerable with you all.
thank you for always being there to reading.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “How Gaining Weight Is Sending Potential Dick My Way”

  1. I have been trying to get slim thick or hell just thick for months now. Teach me y’all ways! I’ll send my email if need be! Please and thank you!! I’m deadass on a mission this summer.

    1. ^i think for me i was skinny and i started eating.
      i also feel like my fast metabolism is slowing down too.
      for my ass and thighs,
      i have to walk everywhere.
      plus sitting at my desk all day might play a factor too.

      1. I don’t think my metabolism slowed down yet (blessing and curse). I sit at my desk all day and snack to. πŸ˜‚

  2. Isn’t it weird that when you don’t typically see yourself there everybody else sees it for you?

    Im glad you are unintentionally glowing. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  3. I absolutely love this post Jamari, I love when your happy and in a good mood. Your wolf friend you wrote about the other day might be right. Are you pregnant Jamari and who is the daddy lol? I keep on writing this but you and I are just alike, we have similar body build too lol.

  4. Well take some of my weight please lol shut I’m losing weight but it’s happening slowly. .I’m going to keep pushing

  5. Hey J, do you know your body type, endo, meso, ecto? This video may help. i’m an Endomorph ( the round shape guy) and I gain easily. when I lost weight and slimmed down, guys in the locker room think i’m a bottom because of my figure. Let me gain some muscle, and i turn into a top. however if I get sloppy, I loss everyones interest and stay off the radar.

  6. Please can u post a pictures of u just body shirtless or une some tight shirt .no face just ur body feet until neck
    Sorry for my english im french

  7. Right, because gay men would rather look sick than gain a pound. To be looked at like the same category of men they sit in judgement of.

  8. Hay now! I can’t gain weight for shit and I EATS. My metabolism is freakishly high, plus my job is very physical so I’m constantly moving.

  9. I’m >25 years in the gay game and I can honestly say that the whole “no fats” thing is a farce. Men only say that shit because they’ve heard other men say it, same with that vers-bottom/vers-top nonsense… shout out to BGC!

    Just take a gander at the gay male couples on social media. Many are slim + thick, average + thick, muscular + thick, slim + average, thick + thick, muscular + average, average + average.

    The slim + slim couples are usually under 21, and they don’t know what the hell they want yet.

    The muscular + muscular couples either don’t socialize much outside of the gym, or are vain and only with each other to keep up appearances.

    Honestly muscle queens are just nice to look at and a lot of them are “sick”.
    They’re only built because of the steroids they’ve been prescribed to help them control their Wasting Syndrome.

    Thicker men (including chubby, fat, bear, cub, etc.) are preferred in the gay community.

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