Lil Tay Shits On Our Entire Lives (And She Only 9)


i’m trying to figure out if the following is a parody.
i’m sooooo confused.


lil tay is making her mark in young attentionista-ville.
please look at this nonsense

watch some ignorant pineapple make a trap beat for her.
i meannnnnn….
she is being groomed for that “cash me outside” come up:

“we” love creating monsters,
don’t they?

video/picture cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Lil Tay Shits On Our Entire Lives (And She Only 9)”

  1. *sips coffee* I dnt blame her, I blame whoever’s groomin her for this shit, she’s a little girl who wants to be cool, I just hope she has loving parents that know what’s goin on and when to step in and say “ok sweetie that’s enough instagram for today, take yo ass to bed”

  2. I’m honestly over these pathetic juana-niggaz emulating ratchetry to go viral. The shit has gotten so old now. Cash Me Outside was nominated for a billboard music award against Nicki & Cardi which is laughable to say the least. Woah Vicky is literally a waste of space. I have never seen such people so desperate for attention. I get nervous when I get attention! These thirst buckets CRAVE it, I will never understand that. Maybe I like the feeling going places and being incognito in my own head sometimes verses living on social media doing the utmost to get noticed.

    It’s crazy to think that Vicky girl is 3 years younger than me because she is extremely immature for an 18 year old and needs to hang it up, the whole “ghetto white girl” shtick has gotten old and tired. Get a new formula. That Lil Tay girl is being exploited and it’s sad. 9 year olds are easily swayed and manipulated, she has people in her ear telling her to do things not knowing she may look back in years to come when she can fully think for herself and regret it all. The puppet masters behind this girl should be ashamed on themselves, disgusting. Her parents probably ain’t shit either to cosign this.

    This social media generation (my generation) has made folks lose their shit, now because we live in an age where you don’t have to do the whole going to college conventional way of getting a well paid job, people just act up online for attention, because that gives them temporary money. I mean, if one girl can curse everybody out on doctor phil and become a recording artist signed to Atlantic, I’m not surprised that others are now clout-chasing. Cardi is also another gimmick who got signed based on her following.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that non-black females get praised for the shit that black women get chastised for. A black girl would never be able to do what these girls do and become a successful viral hit. Black women fight these stereotypes everyday, meanwhile these neanderthals are making a living out of it. The world is so upside down & anybody supporting these birds are just as trash as them. I digress.

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