Rob Kardashian Ate His Former Self (I Guess He Tastes Good)

rob-kardashian-kim-kardashian-2014-09-20happier times?
i know he hasn’t seen this size in years.
well rob kardashian has been eatin’ like its going out of style.
he emerged from his cave for a burger run and looked like this…

show me his friends and i’ll show you who he is.
well they all fat too!

according to reports,
rob is struggling heavy with depression.
apparently the word is that family is “worried sick”.
i couldn’t tell with what they got going on.
caitlyn jenner.
katfish kylie.
koo koo kim and kanye.
somehow i feel like rob did this to himself to get away from that family.
he made himself ugly knowing how narcissistic they all are.
then again…
when he was out here partying and smashin’ hoes by the dozens,
he was just fine.
i wonder what happened?
whatever the case maybe…
i hope he can get the weight off his shoulders and get some help.
i don’t think he wants to tho.

lowkey: how much you want to bet that woman called the paps on him?
remember her weeping over him a few weeks back?:

i guess he ain’t here for her struggle tears.

pictures credited: coqueran/coleman-rayner

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Rob Kardashian Ate His Former Self (I Guess He Tastes Good)”

  1. Well. He is prettttty fat. But if he grew a beard and got a better wardrobe, he could still be a bun. I went through a period when I liked those types. They would call me skinny and snore and eat up everything and kinda would get rough with me and rub that big ol belly. It kinda made me feel like Lil Kim to be honest. He got a niche. Besides those socks.

  2. Wow! And no ass. I hate to say this but this why I don’t want too much overweight friends cause as a former chub, myself, friends are the biggest influences to your eating habit and I don’t ever want to be fat again. He used to be so cute with meaty ass, but depression is a bitch

  3. Smh honestly I’ve been there. No one ever really thinks of food as an addiction but it can be.

    Eating to fill that void or until you want to do nothing other than sleep.

    To this very day it’s a struggle. He needs therapy.

  4. Man this a sad state of affairs to see this man like this but let this be a lesson for all of us looks are fleeting and life happens to all of us I wish him the best and happiness is a choice and hopefully he will find his way.

  5. Idk I think he’s just finding his path. It seemed like when he was thinner and around his family he wasn’t sure what his role was His family didn’t put much thought into him ( they were too busy worried about Kim) the only one he seemed to have any real good ties with was Caitlyn and And the tall kardashian.

    I think he didn’t feel like he measured up in a sense. All the women in some way had successful things happen to them while he had a failing sock line, he tried to co-manage that girl group with his mom but his experience was called into question and that went nowhere.

    Maybe he’s ok with not giving a fuck and staying away from his family and limelight.

    P.S. I wonder how his life would be if he decided to become that male model he was gonna almost do years ago?

    1. If he is so through with the family as he says, his motivation could be to lose weight and get REALLY fit, and try to get into modeling…WITHOUT MOMMY OR THE SISTERS HELP! He probably would be very successful. That would be the sweetest slap in the face to them, for him to be successful without their help or input. I saw that episode where Kim was like everyone needs to stop kissing his ass. I was like’s YOUR ass they need to stop kissing and giving into! He needs help, but you’re too wrapped up in yourself to realize that. It just seems that they gave up on him so quickly. Then again, we don’t know what REALLY goes on behind the cameras, since the show is edited.

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