FACIAL: (16)

tumblr_nmggtngBr91ruoosjo1_540he is fuckin’ hot.
this is “the type” that gets my attention.
his facial is absolutely perfect.
i always look at wolves like this and imagine how much pussy they get.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “FACIAL: (16)

  1. And let the people say AMEN. A little darker & I’d be clipping his toenails & massaging his scalp. LMAO. (Btw, what does “work wolf” look like J? Unless you’ve described him before…?)

    1. He does look like a caramelize papi. He’s outside and usually the sunlight brighten your skin on camera. Let please talk about those gorgeous pink lips!!!! They are so nice and plump.

  2. He’s hot! @ Lindo, man, I love lips like his, full, juicy, and oh so kissable!
    I’m feeling this guy! Handome MOFO! He looks like Alex Los Angeles (fitness trainer) I think that guy is pretty hot too!

  3. Look at this fine ass man, when I need something to drink now I’m about a a fine face before I am a fit body.

  4. I remember I’ve seen his pic on IG before.. It looked so good and it caught my attention. So I clicked on his page & wasn’t that pleased. I’ll let you guys be the judge though

  5. He is a nice looking guy I have to say that but I like them a bit darker with an accent like this French guy on IG:Tiqazz

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