Pain Down The Middle


i’m in so much pain.
i feel like ima cry
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You Are Hurting Me (But Keep On Doing It)


this last year from me has been a consistent roller coaster.
i think i’m going in one direction and another drop comes up.
i’m tired of the drops.
how i’m still on it,
and not looking a mess,
is all thanks to God.
i still continue to hang in there,
even though many times i just wanted to jump off.
last night,
i got into a pretty deep conversation with the pretty vixen.
we were talking about where we been and where we are now.
i told her…
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f0xmail: Your Struggle Helped My Struggle



Jamari, I’ve been an avid reader of your site for almost a year and a half now. I must say I browse by it twice or more times a day- Ha! Over the months reading the struggle you’d been going through called life really had me at an awe.

Just like yourself, I’ve been out of work for a few months now. Things get harder and bills keep on adding up, man don’t I know. As well going on countless interviews and still not being promised anything. The amount of education you have does not promise you everything. In this city (DC) things aren’t cheap- just like NYC, I’m sure. Its hard to compete for any job here smh. 60 something percent of people that live in this city have at least their bachelors degree…talk about competition, huh? It’s days when I kick my own ass, but I constantly tell myself not to lose hope…..anyway. I just wanted to say congrats on the job and that you are an example to keep pursuing, man.


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foXXX: Is This What “Not Enjoying Your Penis” Looks Like?

tumblr_masmrexOML1qhe3fh^that’s the face of what “enjoying your penis” looks like.
“oh fuck yes.”
“damn that shit is so good.”
“god i want to have your fuckin’ kids.”
sometimes even:
“god you fuckin stupid ass ignorant piece of….
oooooooooh you fuck me so damn stupid.”
“i may let him nut on my face or swallow it”.
i personally love that face.
well some vixens and foxes don’t know that face well.
as a wolf…
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rejection is like the “don’t ask; don’t tell” policy.

the world will have you believing people have never gotten rejected.
they always get the guy… or girl.
they are masters of this thing called the love universe.
i’m here to tell you that is complete bullshit.
everyone at one point in their life has gotten rejected.
it can be a blow to the ego because in life we are told we can get anything we want.
“go after it and it is yours!”.
the ol team spirit routine!
sure that can happen with material things and a lifestyle,
but when it comes to another human with conflicting emotions as yourself,
that rule completely goes out the window.
i was thinking about rejection today and i had to ask…

Why does rejection fuckin’ hurt so bad?

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