Pain Down The Middle


i’m in so much pain.
i feel like ima cry

my back just started hurting me from out the blue.
the pain is in the middle of my back and it hurts like all hell.
the ride home on the train was the worst.
it hurts so bad that i can’t even breathe.
i’m going to take it easy tonight.
i wanted to write,
but i seriously can’t even concentrate.
let’s try this tomorrow,

thanks for understanding and my apologies!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Pain Down The Middle

  1. sounds like a muscle strain, hopefully it’s not a herniated disc. If it continues go to the doctor immediately. does your job have you sitting down alot? sometimes that can affect our posture and cause pressure to build in our back and ligaments/muscles. keep us posted

    1. Could be gas too. The pain can radiate and feel like it’s coming from one area when it’s moving around really.

    2. I’m agreeing with the muscle strain, I get them all the time. It hits you out of nowhere after you stand, stretch, or get out of bed, anything really. A heating pad against it worked wonders for me.

  2. I used to experience muscle spasm in my upper back and spine after bike ride. Come to find out, an employee at my bike store said I loss fluid. I’m assuming maybe your dehydrated. Maybe simply orange juice, or an Ice cold green tea frappuccino will do the trick

    1. Nah, drink lots of water or Gatorade. That stuff really helps if you’re dehydrated…even Pedialite!
      I remember when I was hospitalized for dehydration, they gave me lots of that.

  3. Stretching is key. It really hurts J. I used to get pain in my neck and my legs. I started stretching and it works wonders.

  4. As someone who suffers from back problems, please do not take this lightly, it could be any number of things, if the pains persist get to a doctor, you may need an MRI to determine exactly whats wrongs. Sometimes it can be your back and sometimes some internal organ or muscle. Whatever the case dont play, I have problems with my
    sciatic nerve and at times it causes me not to be able to stand for long periods of time or sit for long periods of time and it can act up without warning. Back problems and foot problems are not to be played with.

    1. sciatic nerves are the worse. The pain comes out of nowhere. Moves from the back to the hips… I know exactly the feeling.

  5. I’ve had back pain. The advice to hydrate is good. Also sitting a lot is damaging…try to get up and walk. And please go see a doctor if it continues. Feel better!

  6. 1. For back pain, muscle relaxers like Robaxin often work. As your doctor about such.
    2. For long term relief, you will probably do well to do exercises to strengthen your back muscles and your abs. Look online for such exercises and discuss such with your doctor.
    3. Have a handsome man come over and give you a full-body massage so as to provide temporary relief.

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