Jamari Fox Went Down (On You)


…and that i did.
so my back was blown completely out.
not in the good way either.
it caused me to have to go to the doctor and then lots of bed rest.

after i wrote that initial post on wednesday,
i had the worst time going to sleep that night.
every position i tried to lie down in hurt me so much.
i have no more sick days,
so i literally had to crawl into work.


it was like my job didn’t give a fuck.
in turn,
i didn’t give a fuck either.
i ended up going to my doctor on friday.
i really needed those hours,
but i couldn’t take the pain i was in.

my doctor told me i had had severe muscle strain.
it had to do with my chair at my job.
it isn’t the chair i had at the other spot.
this new one doesn’t offer a lot ofsupport.
i have complained about it to no avail.
my doctor also said that my blood pressure is also really high.
he gave me medicine and advised me to rest.

that i did.

1467815266-ajbuyjpthe medicine made me stupid tired.
i think i slept from friday evening through this morning.
i wanted to update the foxhole,
but i couldn’t.
i had no energy and i wanted a break from everything.
my apologies.

my back isn’t hurting as bad,
but i still feel pain.
i have a note with the option to stay home tomorrow,
but i really need the hours.
a side of me wants to stay home.

le sigh.

i missed a lot so i can’t wait to start updating!
i’ll take it easy tonight and we can get it in tomorrow.


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23 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Went Down (On You)”

  1. (Please keep in mind I’m not a Doctor)
    Cut out salt, sodium, and include a lot of water in your diet to lower that blood pressure. I know your job is stressful but you gotta try to mitigate that stress. I hope your health gets better.

  2. You know that if your doctor wrote a note about your back and he muscle strain, they would have to accommodate you and get you a chair that is ergonomically correct. It’s the law. No getting around that.
    It’s that or a lawsuit.

  3. Damn you’ve been going through it, rest up and get your strength back.

    Oh and tell your job to get you a better chair asap

  4. You wouldn’t believe all the problems caused by sitting in a chair too much. Try to find a reason to stand, stretch, or move around every once in awhile.

    I act like I’m dying when I get muscle strains. I have a plan now: stretch even when it hurts, get some OTC pain relievers, soak in some hot water, and use a heating pad if you have one around.
    Not surprised about the blood pressure, you’ve been busy and stressed.

  5. Jamari I was so worried about you dude. I’m sorry your not feeling well, continue to rest up. Get another chair and buy one of those blood pressure monitors where you can measure it yourself. Take it easy.

    1. ^thank you eric!
      i appreciate all of the love!
      im def gonna take it easy.
      i can’t go out like this for this damn job and all this 2016 drama.
      naaahhhhhh homie.

  6. Get well soon, Jamari. Don’t worry about the FoxHole, we know how to entertain ourselves (if need be for short periods of time) haha. 🙂

  7. FashionandSvedka hit on the head. Water really is the gift of life. Glad to know you are better. Prayers were and are lifted. GOD bless!! Peace & Love bro.

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