They Don’t Really Care About Me


i woke up this morning and my back was still out of it.
i put all my stuff out the night before,
but i just wasn’t feeling it.
so i called out.
3 good hours before my start time.
i got this response from my boss…

“take note,
you calling out is a very big deal because  we have important clients coming in this morning.”

tumblr_oakuv8Nfjy1vzbwo9o2_400do they not realize it’s their fault i’m even like this?
not to mention i spoke to him about the chair many times,
as well as sent emails to nothing happening.
lucky for me,
i spoke to mr. green via email the night before.
i forwarded the email to my boss and turned my phone off.
they can save that for someone else.
i been treated like shit by them long enough.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “They Don’t Really Care About Me”

  1. Mervin is right. They not going to give you a two week notice God and Heaven forbid they decide to fire you. Spend this time to look for something new everyday.

  2. Yeah, like e’rybody sayin, get out asap, and use this downtime for job searchin’, even if your presence on here is lessened – but not toooo much now, let’s not get crazy, we need ya Jamari!…but yeah the writing’s on the screen with that msg from ya boss…fuck them, move on…and hope u heal quickly/completely from your back issues.

  3. Yes J, liberate yourself. I like this side of you and all for it. You done pulled a Jeffery. Without you they ain’t nothing!

  4. J, even though you can not run to the Doctor, get there fast as possible and take FMLA, you have been on the job long enough to qualify, they can not do anything while you are under FMLA and then you need to file a Workmens comp claim like Tony said, enough of the disrespect, you still have rights as long as you are employed and if they try to fire you while you are sick you have grounds for a lawsuit. Stop being nice and be an asshole like they are, let them pay you to go away.

      1. Hey J check this website out for your state

        Also you need to go to the Dr and tell them that you need some weeks off for rehab and you need to utilize FMLA, you may have to contact your HR department to get your FMLA paperwork to take it to your doctor. Once you go on FMLA you dont even have to speak with no one in your department, just back up your emails for your workmens comp claim. If you go back to work, take a picture of the chair and your work environment.

  5. Like most jobs they only like and care about you when they can squeeze you for every drop till their is nothing left.

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