Love… Shouldn’t Have Killed Me Last Night

it can make you do crazy things.
it can make you a complete idiot or have you kill someone.
well some of us would kill for a wolf like ^that.
that jackal in wolf’s fur,
who goes by marcus bellamy,
killed his boyfriend out of “love”.
so much so,
he posted his lovely confession to the murder on his facebook.
wait til you read this story via the f-bis and ny daily news


Moments after murdering his boyfriend in a Bronx walkup, Marcus Bellamy, a Broadway dancer who once performed in “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark,” left a chilling confession on Facebook.

“Forgive me,” the 32-year-old wrote Friday after beating and strangling his partner, Bernardo Almonte, to death. “I did it for love. I did it because I love you. He told me love and hate are the same emotion.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 6.25.37 PM

Bellamy is now facing murder and manslaughter charges for killing the 27-year-old freelance IT technician.

“I am God,” he wrote on his Facebook page, which is rife with Scripture verses, as well as pictures of himself shirtless and striking different dance moves. “I give life and can take it away.”

A law enforcement source said Bellamy strangled his lover as they brawled inside the W. 174th St. home in Morris Heights. Police said Almonte was found in the fifth-floor apartment face down, bleeding from a blow to the head.

Bellamy bit both of Almonte’s shoulders during the fatal fight, cops said, though it was not disclosed what they were arguing over.

Then — apparently after posting his confession — he left the apartment and divulged to a neighbor he had just killed his roommate. The neighbor called police, who arrested Bellamy at the scene.

Even before cops arrived, the alleged killer, standing on the sidewalk, raised his hands in the air and stared at the sky, a witness said.

“The way he was standing outside, he looked like he was praying,” said Lisa Turner, 51.

Bellamy identified Almonte as his partner, but refused to say anything more, police sources said.

He was taken to Lincoln Hospital Saturday evening after complaining of chest pains, a source said. His arraignment was pending.

Police said that Bellamy has been arrested four times stretching back to 2007, but not for anything violent.

ohaleno1what a sad and bizarre story.
i wonder what they were arguing over to cause such a tragic end.
marcus is really attractive too.
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 6.52.45 PMhis facebook is ( x a little weird ) tho.

there are many sociopaths and psychopaths out here looking for “love”.
they start out great,
love bombing the fuck out of you,
making you feel like you are the only one,
and then they switch up on you.
you won’t realize until they have sunk their fangs in you.
ugly or “fine as hell”,
there are many out here with issues that can’t be fixed.
when someone says they have “anger issues”,
you seriously need to take it as a red flag.
be careful who you let in your life and move up in your crib.
from experience of dealing with “crazy”,
one who came with the blood of my own family,
i learned a valuable lesson my-damn-self.
may bernardo rip.

lowkey: i’ve realized that mi is of the sociopath variety.
hell maybe a psycho.
she did say that if she would have killed me that night,
she didn’t want to go to jail.

article taken: the ny daily news

24 thoughts on “Love… Shouldn’t Have Killed Me Last Night

  1. I remember him!
    With his darkish videos and he used to date a black guy before, they even made videos together etc,(way before that silly boyfriend tags) maybe he noticed his crazyness and left.
    This is sad

  2. Unfortunately there are men and women who are obsessed with attractive killers.I am sure he will get marriage proposals and money put on his books like the attractive straight killers recieve from women.

    1. Not as disturbing as people still managing to point out the fact he’s attractive and everyone posting these pics of him.

      1. Be real though. As sickening as the act is that he committed, he was a handsome dude.
        Hell, even the news outlets used his shirtless pic above to promote the story.

  3. I was disappointed because remember following his channel back in the day on youtube when he dropped a dance video to Janet Feedback and Britney Spears, Piece of Me…but he ALWAYS had a darkish vibe to him, even in all of his videos but i thought that was just my perception of him but unfortunately it was very much real…Scary the devil comes in many forms, folks please screen the men that you have in your life.

  4. Sad news to hear, i don’t understand how he is so calm to write a fb post but not able to not kill his partner. Smh

  5. …and forgive a brothas for appearing callous by bringing this up, but am I gonna be the only one to comment about that print in them sweats?…sexy mofos in sweats turn me the fuck on, esp when they’re showin….ok ok, lemme hey my mind out these gutters

  6. That is the devil in disguise, that body and he’s a dancer? I’m ready to bet money he’ll have another one fooled if he ever gets out.

  7. Jamari, I believe the fine one who got killed is named Bernardo Almonte and dude with the glasses on is the killer Marcus Bellamy, according to nydaily…that FB page is weird b/c it has the killer’s name but pics of the victim, so so knows if that’s his page, idk…such a freakin waste….I’ve done crazy before in my youth, neva again…and thank God I escaped relatively unscathed.

      1. The one in the glasses is the killer, his name is Marcus Bellamy. Might want to update the post

      2. I read the wrong information too, several media outlets are getting it wrong. Ignore the post above from me

  8. Another Nicole Brown situation: Falling for a psychopathic narcissist, ultimately costing you your life.

    If someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.

    1. ^it is a hard lesson,
      but a very valuable one.
      you gotta be careful out here.
      the crazy part is,
      sometimes they don’t show the full crazy until later on.

  9. Oh my God.
    The face doesn’t register to me until I kept reading and re reading your article. I know of him. He is a very accomplished dancer and he low key acts. I can’t believe that he really killed someone. My mouth is literally wide open.

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