raymond baynard has found love in a hopeless place?

is this the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover?
I think it is.
raymond baynard is huge on broadway and huge in general.

i love when males wear those kinds of shirts.
the ones that highlight the chest like bewbs.

raymond is stacked EVERYWHERE.
unlike the others,
he doesn’t skip leg day.

it seems he has found the beginning of a blossoming love story

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why would jussie smollett allegedly do this in a parking lot?

remember him?
that’s jussie smollett and he’s laying low in hawaii.
remember i fonted that he needed to go away for a while?
he did that until he got caught in a parking lot doing this

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the straw that broke michelle williams

poor michelle williams.
i’m being serious.
the poor vixen is going through it.
as you know,
she suffers from severe mental illness,
but now it seems to have been kicked up a notch.
she had to drop out of her broadway play,
“once on this island”,
due to doctor’s orders because of it.
i read this article on “et” and…
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Love… Shouldn’t Have Killed Me Last Night

it can make you do crazy things.
it can make you a complete idiot or have you kill someone.
well some of us would kill for a wolf like ^that.
that jackal in wolf’s fur,
who goes by marcus bellamy,
killed his boyfriend out of “love”.
so much so,
he posted his lovely confession to the murder on his facebook.
wait til you read this story via the f-bis and ny daily news
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My Date “After Midnight”

i took a shower in my expensive soap,
sprayed some prada on my skin,
and put on something real sexy.
did i mention the date was at 8pm?
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Timmy Gets A Mani and Pedi For His New Boss

Tim Tebow is having the best time ever, ain’t he?
First, he went to go see Wicked in the Concrete Forest.
Then I took him down to 39th street to see the male hookers in front of the sex shops at 2am.
Now, he was spotted getting a mani/pedi combo in L.A…

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