why would jussie smollett allegedly do this in a parking lot?

remember him?
that’s jussie smollett and he’s laying low in hawaii.
remember i fonted that he needed to go away for a while?
he did that until he got caught in a parking lot doing this


Jussie Smollett appeared tense during a heated phone call on his Hawaii getaway, telling a pal ‘it’s over, I got off’ after all charges against him were dropped. 

The 36-year-old Empire actor was spotted pacing back and forth during the animated chat and could be heard insisting: ‘I did not do any of this. The charges were dropped.’   

In the footage Jussie, wearing an all black outfit with white sneakers, can be seen walking around a parking lot. An onlooker said: ‘He was saying “Ryan, Ryan. You have to believe me”.’  

in a real life parking lot?
where other people might be?
he chose to be on the phone discussing that?
a place that someone could send it to a news outlet?

i wonder if it that phone call had to do with this:

Jussie Smollett’s future career prospects could be in jeopardy despite the actor managing to avoid criminal charges for allegedly lying about a hate crime attack. 

Multiple sources tell DailyMail.com that Smollett has been cut from the upcoming Broadway revival of the 2003 Tony-winning play Take Me Out.

The actor had been in New York to do a reading of that play back in January, just 12 hours before he told police that he had been punched and kicked by two men shouting homophobic and racist slurs outside his apartment. 

‘Everything was set to go and the producers were planning to announce that Jussie and Zachary Quinto were starring in the play last month,’ said one Broadway insider. 

‘Everyone was so supportive after the attack and then suddenly, everything shifted.’

Another source close to the production reiterated this, and said that the events of the last few months have left them in shock.   

‘Here is a kid who is on a hit television show, has made a name for himself, and gets the chance of a lifetime,’ said that source.

He would have come off the sixth season of Empire and kicked off the next leg of his career with a role on Broadway. And not just that, the lead role in one of the best plays of the century in his Broadway debut.’

That source then added: ‘Why on earth would someone throw that all away.’

even though jussie got off,
his name ans reputation is still tarnished.
at this point,
he legit needs this role on “empire”.
if that goes,
he is pretty much done out here.
he gonna need to stay on lee daniel’s good side

lowkey: from the looks of that video,
jussie looks like he has gained some stress weight.

article cc: daily mail | daily mail

15 thoughts on “why would jussie smollett allegedly do this in a parking lot?

  1. They still talking about this? America so full of shyt. Worrying about that man allegedly lying when they basically have someone 100x worse as the President & will most likely be in office for another term. How about this…my silly ass came all the way home, got comfy & forgot to get paper towels & tissue. Now I gotta get my tail up out my comfort zone & get stuff.

    Maybe that cute cashier there ….??

  2. I’ve read about the 177 citizen complaints that have been filedvagainst 11 of the 13 detectives who worked on his case.I’ve read about Olabinjo Osundairo one of the brothers being charged with attempted murder in 2011 as well as their homophobic tweets and comments.I don’t trust Chicago PD or those brothers.I stand with Jussie until I see evidence he was involved in a hoax,until I see evidence that he mailed the death threat.BTW I’m glad he didn’t pay the City of Chicago that $130K.I hope his legal team can bring up the citizen complaints in the lawsuit the City of Chicago filed against him.

    I find it intersting that people trust the CPD a dept that paid over $113M in settlements regarding police misconduct just in 2018 alone.As a matter of fact two of their officers are on video this month pulling a 16 year girl down some stairs at her school and of course they lied about it in police report.I believe her parents are suing CPD.

      1. Do you realize how foolish and desperate some of you look by bringing up sh!t that has absolutely nothing to do with the unforgivable acts committed that narcissist Jussie? You look like a bunch of jackass stans attempting to defend the indefensible. Go sit y’all asses down somewhere and find a clue 🙄

        1. “Unforgettable”? Really? Uh, no. He didn’t kill or maim or injure anyone, except himself, and the only people truly harmed in the larger sense were the co-perpetrators and he himself, i.e., his career. The CPD was horrible before, it continues to be horrible, and when it gets its act together and is truly reformed, that will be a golden day for the people of Chicago and the cops themselves.

        2. Thank you for saying this! I’m glad some people are able to call a thing a thing. I bet you if Jussie was a non celebrity with a whole bunch of stans lusting after him, dude would be in jail right now. These people be going extra hard for the narcissistic stunt queen Jussie like they really think he’s the gay Tupac or the gay,black Jesus but dont put that same energy for all the other ACUTAL Black and Brown LGBTQ victims of hate crimes and violence. And yes, Chicago PD is corrupt as hell and their hands are covered in blood but c’mon yall, Jussie played all of us on some self-serving, egotistical scammery that backfired on him. He may have gotten off because of some shenanigans and string pulling, but karma will give him exactly what he deserves.

  3. Jussie Smollett Appeared in a Play, ‘Take Me Out,’ about a Biracial, Gay Baseball Star who is Attacked in a Way Similar to his Alleged Assault Hours Before the Ordeal


    Of course, the role would have been a good fit for him because he’s biracial–not black. His mother is black and his father white.

    1. Biracial people can be and are Black, and since his parents aren’t either from directly from Africa or Europe, they’re probably mixed too. On top of this, as Ancestry.com and numerous other DNA testing services have shown, most Black people are mixed (as are most people in the US), so the two don’t cancel each other out. He claims his Blackness. Jussie Smollett is a Black, gay man, period.

  4. I’m disgusted by Jussie and Kim Foxx at this point. I wish he and his drama would just go away. He played all of us and used Homophobia, Racism and Politics to do it. F**K that dude! Seriously 🙄

    1. The same woman who did dismiss a 16 year black old girl changes who was beating up by Chicago police

  5. He’s a dumbass at this point. Take Me Out was a big deal when I was in high school. I believe there are nude scenes in the play. Now I would have definitely paid good money to see that lol. That would have really set his career up smh.

    He definitely is going to have to take a break for a year or two and pop up in some indie films where he does some good acting in order to reverse the damage. He can still come back but he’s going to have to work for it and be humble. Black people are forgiving and the gays are supportive. Whites can be forgetful if he plays by the rules.

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