we might be saying goodbye to britney spears

i use to stan hard for britney spears.
her music takes me back to a special time.
as i’ve followed her career,
the industry chewed this poor vixen up and spit her out.
she seems to have a genuine spirit many took advantage of.
we have seen all of her good and bad throughout the years.
she might be doing something i’ve wanted for a long time…

Following Britney Spears’ decision to check herself into a mental health facility earlier this month, the rumor mill’s been working overtime. And now, there are new whispers about the star potentially retiring from the spotlight for good.

As Radar reports, an “informant” recently told Rob Shuter’s Straight Shuter podcast that Britney is quietly considering retirement and never performing again.

Britney’s only job is getting help and she has checked into a facility to seek treatment,” the source said. “She will do whatever it takes to get well and if that means walking away from performing, then so be it.”

This speculation comes in the wake of a quiet, few months for Britney, who recently cancelled her Las Vegas residency and announced that she’d be taking some time off to be with her family following her father’s recent hospitalization — an occurrence that also reportedly spurred her to check into the facility.

On top of all this, another report from Radar alleges that Britney may finally be getting legal authority over her own money again. Her father, Jamie, currently has sole control of her estimated $56 million — a sum that he’s retained control over since Britney was placed on psychiatric hold in 2008. However, according to Radar’s sources, it appears that Britney “feels she is ready to take the control back.”

“Britney’s dad told her that his goal ever since taking away her control was for her to get to a place where she can take over her fortune and no longer need a conservator,” the source continued, before mentioning how close the two are. “That was the game plan from day one.”

i’m okay with this.
this vixen never looks happy performing these days.
it’s like a job to her.
i think it’s time for her to bow out gracefully.
she had an amazing run and a legend in pop.
nothing more to see here.
articele cc: paper

9 thoughts on “we might be saying goodbye to britney spears

  1. I live for and love Britney. Though I love her in the spotlight, I think retiring is the best thing this poor child can do.

    I to was helped through a Very ,Very, Very dark and Sad place in my life by Britney( Ironically it was “Blackout”) So I will forever relate and root for her.

  2. I was born in the mid/late 90s so Britney’s real “peak” was before my time but I remember how legendary “Baby One More Time” was in the early 2000s, “Toxic” also. I remember hearing those songs as a little kid and not knowing that they were Britney songs at the time. She is a legend.

  3. I hope she’s not hanging it up. But if she is she has had an incredible career. She’s definitely a legend and has had some hits.

  4. I never understood the hype around Britney or why the gays love her so much. For some reason she became the chosen white girl. I think she should have retired over a decade ago. Her expiration date has long passed. Her music has never been that creative or special outside of novel experiments by producers that were meant for other (more talented) singers. Her choreography always gave me cheerleading and aerobics. Cute fluff. But I respect her hustle and that she outlasted many a pop chick when the world thought she was going to be a one hit wonder like Debbie Gibson. Her father definitely saved her from being another child star gone broke and mentally ill. Kudos to him. I truly hope she does get herself together for her kids. I couldn’t imagine having a mother who has zero control over her life and looks like a stiff puppet on stage. That’s a lot to take in and I can only imagine how she is behind the scenes. These children of celebrities have so much privilege but at the same time have so much sorrow. It really is a pity.

    P!nk was the dancing white chick that had my unwavering devotion… well, until that last album she came out with lol. I just love how effortless she was and her no fucks given attitude.

    1. I am aging myself. Paula Abdul was my diva back in the day. You couldn’t tell me shit about her singing being awful.(I saw the shade Whitney was hurling at her in the documentary)

      It is pop music and didn’t necessarily have to be the best of the best…. just enjoyable and less that 5 mins long.

    2. “looks like a stiff puppet on stage”

      Could not agree more with this comment. Her performances always seemed as if she was counting the steps to the routine in her head. Not very convincing and very robotic, no fluid movement.
      She could’ve had a resurgence of sorts with the Blackout album, but she crashed and burned with that god-awful VMA performance…and she never recovered.

  5. I was a good run Britney. You are legendary now dahling. Let the work speak for itself.

    Madonna – New album Madam X coming soon.

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